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I live in Vancouver, and it is crazy!! Its alot of fun for the most part. Only a small set of people being idiots. But i guess thats to be expected! Canada picked up another gold today in snowboard cross. And some very good scores from tonights hockey! So hears to hoping the rain stops falling!!GO CANADA GO
my votes on messermeister, i have the 8, 12 and now the 21 breifcase gig. great bags... and yes im a cardboard and duck tape guy as well
Im a chef de partie at an italian restaurant in Vancouver. Its a very well known company and there are alot of really good opportunities to be had within the company (7 restaurants). My question for the seasoned chefs out there: I am pulling 14-16hr days (i dont mind) but am doing it to pick up the slack of my sous chef, who deems it okay to pull an 8hr shift and go home because "there's nothing to do". I am a young buck(22) and want to progress further in the culinary...
Last friday i was searing a salmon, in the weeds, go to finish it in my oven, and in the process of moving the 18" to the oven dumped smoking hot oil all over my right hand, the whole backside of my hand went white instantly and lost all feeling.. 3 days later its a half balloon... Might have to go get that checked....
Cameras are good. If you dont have an issue stealing that is... clears up alot of unanswered questions if things go wrong.
Im a chef de partie in Vancouver and am working 65-75 hours a week.
i like jennifer, i think she might be done though. i agree robin should go, how many times can she sneak past the judges?? jennifer clearly is more talented, but like i said i think she might be ready to pack it in. at the end of the last episode it looked like she was spent....
I have tendonitis. Im in the kitchen 6 days a week, 12hr days.. When it gets bad, i take ibuprofen, rub some voltaren emugel and wrap it with medical tape. seems to do the trick... although we will have to talk in a few years!
I don't speak asian eithee:). But if you just type in the kitchen confidential in the tool bar at the top it will direct you **** you can understand. Hopefully this help. And I'm not sure why it was cancelled. Cheers Rdog
also check out and then type in kitchen confidential. they have all the episodes.
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