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What do you consider a "good market"?
Thanks. Yes, everything is in the market year round. But isn't that just because they can irradiate and store stuff? Is it really fresh year-round due to the transportation network as you say?
Also, are sweet potatoes out of season right now?
Which do people prefer, orange or white?
someone didn't read the topic
Thanks. I think this is pretty close to what I'm going to try first. I'll probably boil first, then drain and add the cream and butter before mashing, just like I do with regular (Russet) mashed potatoes. For me, the fewer ingredients, the better. :-)
I like this idea. Didn't realize potato pancakes used (regular) pancake batter at all.
I like the brunois suggestion. Thanks.
I need some suggestions on how to cook sweet potatos using ONLY the stovetop. (no oven or microwave)
Since the thread got bumped, I'll just mention that I've been leaving my tortillas out of the fridge for the past 2 years and very happy with the results! I manage to finsh a bag of 8-11 in about a week with no noticable spoilage at all. They stay nice and soft in the bag. (so long as I remember to reclose the zip seal on the bag!)
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