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Thank you for the welcome! My favorite dish to make from my mom's recipes is her cookies. They have a patent on them and it is a very top secret recipe. Whenever she would make them growing up we always had to leave the kitchen. She gave me the recipe as a wedding present. As far as cooking for my son I have it pretty much figured out. I substitute butter with either olive oil or coconut oil unless is is for baking. Then I use an organic butter substitute. For milk I...
I just want to say this cake is AMAZING! I have never been able to make a yellow cake from scratch that actually tasted and looked as good as a box or a bakery cake. This cake makes the cut! Thank you so much for sharing this recipe. I have it bookmarked!
Hello, I am new here! I came across this site while researching cakes for my son's upcoming birthday (which I found btw). I am a SAHM to two boys (almost 2 and 7 weeks) in the metro Atlanta area. I grew up with a mom who owned her own catering business that I helped her with since I could walk! I have been told that I have my mother's gift in the kitchen. So as a result I LOVE to cook. We eat a whole food/organic diet in our home and my oldest son is severely allergic to...
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