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So I've fallen in love with dorowot, injera, and peanut stew and haven't been able to find a good Ethiopian/Somalian/Eritrean cookbook ANYWHERE. I've found more general African cookbooks, but those focus more on North and West Africa. I learned how to cook dorowot from a recipe in The World of Jewish Cooking and was pleased with the result, but I really want to learn more about Eastern African cuisine. Any recommendations people have will be VERY much appreciated.
I agree with others who have recommended Jacques Pepin videos for a start--short of doing it yourself, watching a master in action is the second-best way to learn how to do something well. As far as books are concerned, I HIGHLY recommend James Peterson's Cooking. The written instructions are very clear, and photo illustrations show you exactly how to do whatever it is--whether it's tying a stuffed flank steak or chopping zucchini. The whole idea of the book is teaching...
Hi everyone, What a fantastic site! I stumbled upon it last week and am having so much fun. Thanks for having such an informative, friendly, and collaborative place--the fact that it's free is also wonderful.
Hi there. I have two suggestions if you want to learn more about Thai cooking. The first is a wonderful book called Thai Food by David Thompson, an Australian who fell in love with Thai cooking when he visited the country. This book is great not only for the very authentic, although labor-intensive, recipes, but for the beautiful photography and the mini-history at the beginning of the book on the Thai kingdom, its various regions, and how the history and geography of...
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