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Last time I did it it was 86/90 degrees over night. After cooking them, we deboned the meat.  After doing so you might "roll" it up again, or roll it out flat. If its flat its easy to get it really crispy. We also used to do something similar with pork tails. 92c/12 hours. Debone, and spread out flat. Skin down with preassure until crispy on the flat top.
I have no idea on how i got the idea of reviving this dinosaur of a thread. Good to hear you cracked the code, even though im three years late.
Might not be the solution you're looking for, but I will give you one.   Seperate the skin you want to have crispy, and the meat. Cut the skin into the size you want it, and dry it in the oven and deep fry it later. It will give you crackling skin. You can do the same with skin from fish, chicken, etc....   Good luck. 
Let's respectfully argue and discuss. To be honest I found it hard to understand, explaining it in my second language wanst any easier. No, I don't think of it as an osmosis,and not submerging your bones totally in water is just plain disrespectful. I think we all can agree on that. To be honest I don't know how to convince you, other than by saying try it. Its only gonna cost you a bit of water. I did, and found the end product to be better. And the remoulage should...
Ive learned something quite different. I have a lot more water than bone. The theory from what Ive learned:    As a Norwegian, the explanation might not make sense, but I will do my best to describe it in a reasonable manner. As the stock simmers, it will end up absorbing flavour from the stock. At a point there will be the same amount of flavour in the bones and water. At this point the stock wont be able to absorb more flavour from the bones. (The following is...
Dont forget the part of writing it in the cocktail menu as well, if you have one. I love these new rules. More than a year into the new rules nobody knows how they really are, even the inspectors who are supposed to control this dont understand them. At least here in Norway.
270 g sugar 1200 g milk (4% fat) 163 g browned butter 11 (220 g) eggyolk
SV is great for certain things, not so great for others. Some times it gives you a great financial bonus, others not. One example of cost minimising is low temp fry, fat poach, confit or whatever you want to call it. Im gonna go with confit. These are fictional numbers used used to explain a point. If you want to confit 2kg of duck leg, you will need duck fat. By using SV its enough if you use 50g of fat, because the bag will ensure the fats contact with the leg at all...
People stealing bikes is a world wide problem. I know our infrastructure is more bike-friendly, but that's got nothing to do with pride.Was it just a joke, or is it kinda frowned upon to use a bicycle amongst some, or maybe a bit of both?
As a European I just can't help asking. Is cycling really that bad, and why? Im used to it being just as quick as public transport, cheaper and healthier, as well as saving you from the problem of finding parking.
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