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If you want a stage in a Michelin restaurant, expect them demand that you stay 3-6 months. At lest here in Barcelona.
Always when prepping, never during service, with exeptions of abnormally quiet services. Abnormally important football (soccer) matches is an exeptions, and during incredibly important matches for this city´s team there was even a computer streaming the match in a remote part of the kitchen. Could have been in the middle of the kitchen since there were no guest neither during the match.   The crew prepare a playlist together, or its radio. Worst thing is having people...
More restaurants need: To let the vegetables shine. Not speaking on behaf of the vegetarians now. The plate doesnt have to be vegetarian, but the vegetables need to be thought of something more than just something that have to be put on the plate. 
@kuan I agree. But it´s just one of many examples. Some people ask legitimate questions when it comes to culinary phrases and words, and I have no problem with someone not being used to our "language". Others are just plain good old fashioned stupid, and its our job to make them happy. That doesnt change the fact that I would wish they were more educated. Luckily Im used to work with skilled waiters who are able to maintain good communication with our guests, so Im not...
 The typical guest who orders ribeye and then complain, because he wanted something like a tenderloin.Educated in the way of knowing what they want, order and expect. Still elitist and unfair?
French Fries said: "More restaurants need less foie gras."   My contribution: More restaurants need more educated guests.
Kappa You cool down the metal with the nitrogen for a couple of seconds, and then put the cold metal into the warm liquid with the gelatin.  The cold will make the gelatin around the metal cool down, and harden. The liquid is never in contact with the nitro. Icewater is fine, but with the nitro you dont have to dry it off every time. 
Here is the video. For gelatin we used Kappa, and instead of ice water we used liquid nitrogen. Have no idea when it comes to origen, but my guess is here in Spain.
Here is my experience from a two stars Michelin restaurant in Barcelona, Spain.   9 Paid staff From 4 - 20 Stages/estaggiers, call it whatever you like. If you want to do this, its a minimum of 4-6 months usually.   Paid staff: Chef Jefe de cocina (Head of kitchen)   Pastry: Pastrycook  2-3 estagers   Cold starters: CdP Cold starters 1-3 estagers   Fish: CdP Fish Demi CdP Fish 1-3 Estagers   CdP Meats  Demi CdP Meats 1-3 Estagers     Enter at...
Should consider a Thermomix. As well what is called a Superbag here in Spain. Maybe its got a different name in the U.S.
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