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To be honest, the vibes I get from religion are worse than the ones from tattoos. I can respect any man's opinion, but it gets more problematic when the reason for this opinion is the good old book, instead of simple common sense, or just because "I think so". But again I'm just a European heathen, and not from the USA. I understand you've got a different thing going on when it comes to society and religion, and that's fine. I can get with that... That being said, the...
Is that big enough for any of them to not know your name and rank?When I talk of big brigades I think of minimum the double. Big hotels with huge banqueting, breakfast shift, lunchshift, evening shift and a couple of restaurants more. When you work in the same kitchen as people you don't see. That is a valid excuse for titles and embroidery.
An empty title, is nothing but empty.  What do you prefer to be called? What is most important is what you deliver, and you will get respect accordingly. Ive been lucky and gotten well along with my staff, and the respect has been a two-way thing. We have called each other whatever comes in mind, but it has always been with respect. Sometimes the apprentice gets Johnny, my boy, buddy, knobhead, Dopey, champ and sometimes he gets executive potato peeler, if he is peeling...
Last time I did it it was 86/90 degrees over night. After cooking them, we deboned the meat.  After doing so you might "roll" it up again, or roll it out flat. If its flat its easy to get it really crispy. We also used to do something similar with pork tails. 92c/12 hours. Debone, and spread out flat. Skin down with preassure until crispy on the flat top.
I have no idea on how i got the idea of reviving this dinosaur of a thread. Good to hear you cracked the code, even though im three years late.
Might not be the solution you're looking for, but I will give you one.   Seperate the skin you want to have crispy, and the meat. Cut the skin into the size you want it, and dry it in the oven and deep fry it later. It will give you crackling skin. You can do the same with skin from fish, chicken, etc....   Good luck. 
Let's respectfully argue and discuss. To be honest I found it hard to understand, explaining it in my second language wanst any easier. No, I don't think of it as an osmosis,and not submerging your bones totally in water is just plain disrespectful. I think we all can agree on that. To be honest I don't know how to convince you, other than by saying try it. Its only gonna cost you a bit of water. I did, and found the end product to be better. And the remoulage should...
Ive learned something quite different. I have a lot more water than bone. The theory from what Ive learned:    As a Norwegian, the explanation might not make sense, but I will do my best to describe it in a reasonable manner. As the stock simmers, it will end up absorbing flavour from the stock. At a point there will be the same amount of flavour in the bones and water. At this point the stock wont be able to absorb more flavour from the bones. (The following is...
Dont forget the part of writing it in the cocktail menu as well, if you have one. I love these new rules. More than a year into the new rules nobody knows how they really are, even the inspectors who are supposed to control this dont understand them. At least here in Norway.
270 g sugar 1200 g milk (4% fat) 163 g browned butter 11 (220 g) eggyolk
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