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People stealing bikes is a world wide problem. I know our infrastructure is more bike-friendly, but that's got nothing to do with pride.Was it just a joke, or is it kinda frowned upon to use a bicycle amongst some, or maybe a bit of both?
As a European I just can't help asking. Is cycling really that bad, and why? Im used to it being just as quick as public transport, cheaper and healthier, as well as saving you from the problem of finding parking.
With my apprentice I do both. I think its important for her to learn the basics the old fashioned way, just to know it. In case she one day will need it. My colleagues think Im a pretentious idiot because Im teaching her the difference between a tamis, chinoise and a sieve, with the rest of the french lingo. "Youre the only guy I know whos able to make a sieve sound like a French cake."    You never know when youre going to need it.  But I also make sure to teach her...
November /december is high season in Norway. The FB-group "kokker søkes" is a good place to start.
Scandinavian countries wont be a problem, since we all have a pretty good English. I've even worked in "English" kitchens here because one out of five cooks talked English, and it was easier just switching language than teach the foreign dude Norwegian. And we are really lacking cooks as well in the entire country.
Hollandaise was my thought as well, but I would have added mustard. The mustard is already in the Wellington, so do a play in that direction, as well as being a flavour easily paired with asparagus. The fat of the emulsionsauce is also needed in my opinion, as well as the texture.   Edit: Herbs as well to go with the lamb..   If you go for the salsa romesco, try it out with some leek / scallions in the style of the catalan Calcots. Could be a good idea for garnish,...
A big no. Safety, hygiene and appearances. There is nothing that can be said to change that.
That goes for both "indie" and corp. kitchens. You do what's needed. Whether you have prep cooks or do the prep yourself have nothing to do with corp or not. Its about how owners/management choose to run their kitchens. If dishwashers and prep cooks leades to a happier, more productive kitchen earning more cash, why not? I could be doing dishes or making more elaborated food wich takes more work. But if I can choose between having those luxuries or not, of course it's...
Are we talking Michelin standard restaurant with a core of lets say 10 paid workers and 15 stagers, or a sandwich place with 3 employees and requirements a monkey could manage?   A high turnover can be managed as long as the core of the crew has got stability. 
 Dont forget the potatoes. At least here in Norway, you can never serve mains without potato.
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