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Serve my potatosallad luke warm. Make an emulsion on a sweet mustard, lime juice/zest and extra virgin olive oil.  Its a good base i use in different variations. 
Sorry. Bad formulation. Things gets mixed up by a Norwegian living in Catalunya writing in English. I agree. My point was that even down here they are both called alioli. Im working for one of the most famous Michelinchefs in the country, and we make it by mixing garlic and egg, and emulsifying it. We even have another recipe containing milk.How you write it depends on being spanish, catalan, english or whatever, and i dont really care.   By making a garlic paste and then...
 Id say you´re both right. Here in Catalunya (part of Spain who claim inventing the alioli) people do separate between alioli made with and without egg. Alioli comes from the words for garlic and oil. A purist would say it should be without the eggyolk, but in most cases its made with. Without your make a paste of garlic, and then emulsify with oil. With its a garlic flavoured mayo. Still havent been to a/worked in restaurant that does it without the egg, not even the...
Do you mind writing the recipie with amounts? What does it contain? Cream, sugar, mascarpone and chocolate (%?). Anything else? Does it have enough fat, or should you have less liquid? Add gelatin? I'm suspecting the emulsion. Why cool the ganach? Why not heating cream and suger, adding it to the cheese and in the end adding chocolate (melted)? In theory it should set when it cools off. At least the fat of the chocolate. In the end, I think the key to this is in the...
Dont have much to add to the part about technique.  Sometimes i add pomme granate seeds just before serving. I like the flavour and its mild acidity as well as the visual part. You could argue that the hard texture of the seeds is a bad thing, well to me it depends on the dish. 
Rbrad I think you are going way to far on this one. i belive Lagom is a former expat, now living at home in Sweden.
Ill give him a lot more than just a cookie.
But a similar dish on the menu at my last job.  The reaction was in a way similar. It was either or. Those who liked it, loved it. Those who didnt, didnt at all.    I guess people are just not used to those kinds of flavours. 
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