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Why? If they want it cooked that way, he might as well make it as juicy as possible. They are paying his salary.And everything doesnt have to be steaks. Shortribs, chuck and other cuts are great SV
You could do the classic croquette of brandad. A mix of cod and potato.
I fully agree with you. That doesn't change the fact of it happening.But as (s)he says, there is no ill treatment.But there are two completely different ways of replying to someone who is completely new, compared to someone more experienced. And also there's a difference if you have been with the same people for two months or years.We have all been exposed to these people.Give it six months, see where things are going, and make a decision. But be sure, when you are given...
Hi and welcome. I guess you didnt see what was written on top of this segment of the forum.   "This forum is reserved for current and past professional chefs only. Only professionals in the food industry may post here though all are free to read.   Please try to make your threads relevant to professional cooking.  For example, "holding oysters for dinner service" belongs in the pro forum whereas "serving oysters for eight" belongs...
How long have you been working there, and what professional background do you have from before?
My guess is not maltodextrin. Malto is primarily used to make powder out of fat like chocolate, oil etc. The easiest way might be to just cut thinly, dry it over night (always over 60°c!), blender until powder, then pass through a sieve/chinoise or whatever the correct name would be in English. Or buy freeze-dried and blend.
I might have brought oranges into this discussion about apples. Im used to apprentices, and they come in not knowing much. I still love them. 
You might be right. My way is to treat them like incompetent until they have proven worthy of anything else. With this comes the lesson and the walkthrough. And if one is not able to carry out a task, you just don't get the task. The shame of not being given the certain task is often enough drive to make it happen the next time. They need to have the inner drive. How I get that out is individual. Sometimes it is enough to be said unworthy of something, to give them the...
Out of curiosity, why use agar to thicken the sauce?
If you don't use a bain Marie you might experience to get bubbles along the outside of your flan. The water gives you a more gentle heating, but it also depends on the temperature of your oven. At work with the convection oven I just wrapped the molds in plastic film and cooked it at 90-something Celsius with the steamfunction. Many years ago, though.
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