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Thanks all. I figured galanga had some relation to ginger, looks very similar. Galanga, the word, threw me for a loop.
Can someone help me out as to what these two ingredients are?
Slow-roasted duck with herbs (garlic, thyme, pepper, etc.) or duck with leeks, carrots in an olive gravy.
Completely agree.  
  I thouht the same thing. Must be a Chicago thing.
I'm sure some of you foodies out there have eaten at Bourdain's Les Halles. Good? Worth checking it out?   Also, has anyone eaten at Sakagura? Thoughts?   Thanks!
Did you drizzle any olive oil on them?
Love the Green Market. Good cheeses and this one stand there, I can't remember the name of the vendor, but they make these cider smoothies, no additives. You choose what fruit you want in there, then they add they're apple cider. Delicious. The market on Rush is pretty decent too.  
Out of curiousity, which shops did you find? I'm around the area too.
Trader Joe's is excellent. Great buys for wine, cheese, nuts, and snicky-snacky foods. A lot of their chips are low in fat and salt. Their wine and cheese are a lot cheaper than any mainstream grocer. I do agree with someone saying up above about the prepackaged veggies and fruits (avocados, onions, potatoes, limes, lemons etc.) Produce is stilll good though. Nice selection of beer too. Seasonings are cheap but not a whole lot to choose from. Good options for rice,...
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