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I make the exact same thing, with some sesame flatbread crackers. Navy beans work well too.
oldschool......beautiful pic! It's been snowing all morning, day and night here in Chicago. Supposed to continue tomorrow too. Ahhhhhhh Chicago weather, love it :mad: ;)
They really haven't been bad here in Chicago. I've picked many good ones but got caught with some bad. They were 99 cents each which I don't think is that bad, so I got over zealous with the mangos. elizabethbryce......rice? Interesting. Nice tip.
Thanks for the input guys
So I have been on this mango kick lately. I bought a couple and completely under ripe, hard and light yellow once cut. Does anyone have any suggestions how to store these under ripe slices? Are they quicker to ripen if left in the fridge or on the counter?
Really? Avoid scouring pads? I guess to each their own but they work wonders for me with hot, soapy water and comet.
Get a scouring pad and some comet, scrub away.
I do that too when I'm making a meat sauce. I use brown sugar.
Bucatini is one of my favorite cuts of pasta but I can never find it in my everyday grocery. I know I can always go to an Italian market but does anyone else face this problem? Why is it so hard to come by?
I use a micro plane grater
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