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In this day and age, I'd say work experience, with the caveat that you must also self educate.
NO WAY! I thought I was the only one!. I've left copies of my Dick Dale mix at the last few places I've worked. Harry Mancini is also fun.
I've got a bunch of cookbooks on pdf, and a few in azw (amazon's format) on my kindle. I'm pretty happy with em. I don't bring my kindle into the kitchen though. I just write down what I need.  
Depends on what sector of the industry you want to work in. Restaurants are going to be the toughest, especially for a rookie.   How are your cake decorating skills? They are crucial skills for your marketability. I suck at decorating because I get a tremor when piping, and it's limited how far I can go in the pastry field, even though I'm a wiz at the technical stuff.   If you're a good decorator, you can get hired at pretty much any super market or bakery if...
A simmer is too hot for a beurre blanc, IMO. It needs to be in a gentle heat. The water is there to buffer it. Don't let the phrase double boiler mislead you to thinking that the water always needs to be bubbling.
They make mechanic's soap (Lava) that should do the trick.   You could also try using a paste of oil or vasoline, and sugar or salt. The oils will soften the soot deposits if you let it sit in for a few, and the salt is an abrasive that's gentler on skin then the pumice used in mechanic's soap.   Get some good lotion. You'll need it.
This year it was tamales for Christmas and sweet potato pies for Thanksgiving
There is this real old school thing called 'mustard mold.' It's essentially a less sweet bavarois flavored with ground mustard and vinegar. Good with ham, etc. I've used it as a component in charcuterie plates.
Spreadsheets all the way. It's already a big enough pain in the butt juggling the POS and accounting software without adding a kitchen management program into the mix.   You can put multiple 'costing cards' on one worksheet, and that is really helpful when putting together a catering costing, or even just costing a plate.   Learn how absolute references work on your spreadsheet program, and it will save you a TON of time. In OpenOffice Calc (the free spreadsheet...
I built my own, and spent only a fraction of the cost of an immersion circulator, and that included the tools I needed to make it. I made it modular, so the control mechanism and wiring is self contained in a 3 gallon plastic bucket (That also holds the cords when it's packed up). This way I can switch out various heating elements and pumps as the situation requires.
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