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I know it's an old post, but I just wanted to add to it after making an ungodly amount of tamales the past few weeks.   Masa for tamales is (for most styles of tamale) ground a little coarser then that for tortillas. Most of the fresh masa you're going to find is fine ground for tortillas and antojitos.   Both Maseca and Quaker ( the two big masa harina makers) also make a coarser grind of a masa harina especially for tamales.   Texture is a huge factor in a...
All you really need is three to four columns (some people use a slow par and a busy par, or add an in inventory column to help with the mental math (par - inventory = prep)). Take you around 5 minutes to make one from scratch.  
  That horrifingly pale thing is just my arm. No need to fear.   The object is the handle/nozzle of the spray wand in the dish pit. Encrusting it is at least 5 years of soap and food residues. The crust was really thick in some places, around 1/16". I brought my dremel tool the other week, and used the wire brush attachment to get as much of the filth off as I could. It smelt horrible.
Worse, when management gets sick of huge laundry bills, and starts rationing side towels.
How do you do it?   I've just been getting a new cheapo stamped offset serrated at smart and final, as the other one wears out. I usually just use it for bread. My main knife usually does tomatoes fine.
Properly hard boiling an egg or two is a good test if you have them do it along with a couple others. HB eggs are prone to "out of sight, out of mind" lapses, so it's a good way to see if the applicant has good work habits.
Pick up a copy of Professional Cooking by Wayne Gisslien, that will help fill in some of your gaps.
Today, I had to stop the prep guy from storing the chocolate next to the ice machine's exhaust. I'm really glad I caught that arrrrrrgh moment before it happened.
Came into work today, and the thermostat in the line's reach in is wonky. 2 cubes of shell eggs frozen solid.
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