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Lately ive been making a lot of cakes but i cannot find a good frosting or buttercream. Those with good taste are soupy, and those that can be used for decorating taste horrible. I want a good sweet frosting, but when i say sweet, i dont mean 6 cups of powdered sugar. I dont mind the dietary downsides to a recipe, but some buttercreams taste like your eating just plain sugar mixed with butter. Does anyone have some good vanilla frosting or buttercream recipes or advice?
I've read both and I think they're both really good books. And in my opinion, The Fat Duck Cookbook is better. I gained a lot more ouot of the Fat Duck Cookbook, not just the science of food, but ideas for different dishes.
This year, I took 9th grade chemistry and at the beginning of this school year, August 09, I started cooking, and I got into the science of food.   Answer: frying foods in oil is obviously very hot and immediately water vapor is created inside the food( in this case tomato). The steam from inside leaves and keeps the oil out, unless you keep it in the oil to long. Although, some of the aroma molecules escape, more water escapes than aroma so you're left with a more...
My little brother wants to be a farmer. He is 11. I'm the cook, hes the farmer. He doesn't farm the traditional lettuce, carrots etc. He works with a local farmer who sells herbs, various tomatoes and tons of other plants at the age I started cooking(13, 1 year ago) I had never even heard of. My advice, just support him in what he does. Try not to buy as many frozen dinners, and make dinners with him. If he likes Italy, do a summer project with him where he picks or...
Know I didn't. Thanks alot. I added that to my list, and also Gramercery Tavern, and yea of course I'm gonna visit the farmers market. Sorry, don't like baseball, but I'm going to central park if I can.
Every year my mom goes to the Fancy food show in New York to display her products and sell a bit. She told me that while jogging yesterday she noticed she would have to leave on the day of my birthday, and she didn't want to miss it. So she asked me if I wanted to go and not being an idiot I said yes. Can anyone recommend some places to go while there. I know I want to go to China Town, she got reservations at Jean Georges, and I would like to go to Little Italy. What...
I bought some key limes at my local "farmers market". I asked the lady why there was a little sticker on the side. She shut up, and immediatel turned to another customer. I was so mad to find out that some people do these things. Luckily, my mom is good friends with a local farmer and we get really good produce from him.
Keep a paper towel around so that you can put cooking tools on it if they're dirty and not get the counter messy. For example, yesterday I was making creme patisserie, and you first stir with a wooden spoon, then you whisk, and again at the end you stir. Instead of putting the cream covered spoon in the dirty sink, I just kept it on the towel and you can keep it right next to you at all timesIf you're making something that needs grated potatoes and you're using a box...
No it's the idea of achieving something by going through a process. You're goal is an end result, what you want your process to be, and if you get lost in the process goals still have something to do with what you're doing, because you're still working for what you want.
Kuan, that's just stupid goals are meaningless? Are you ok? Do you know what you just said?Anyways Zane, I think it's easily possible. Almost anything is possible nowadays. I have plans just like you, difference is age. If you want it enough, and you don't just cook sandwiches you actually know how to cook, then I'm sure you can. Only you can decide what your limits are.
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