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Did a test run before serving it to guests.  Exceeded my expectations.  Fun making my own Mandarin pancakes.  Added a little hot oil to the mixture of hoisin, sesame oil and water, will probably add a little more water next time.   Duck came cut up, after deboning I reheated the meatand skin in a pan.  With the leftovers on day 2, I used a propane flame to crisp up and darken the skin and this worked fine.  Next time I'll bring home the bird whole, so I can "toast" and...
I found some beautifully looking barbecued duck in an Asian market.  I plan to serve it Peking duck style (pancakes, scallion, hoisin).   Any suggestions for seasoning or glaze on the bird when I reheat and crisp up the skin a bit?   Ps, on a general note, you contributors are fabulous!, many thanks.  
Is there a correct side up for parchment paper used in baking cookies or biscuits?  One side seems to be a little bit more glossy.
I do something very similar and addition of mashed ripe avocado is a nice twist......and it's green!
Garrett and Petals (or coco), thanks for the help.  I will try again.   Garrett, I am unsure what you mean by "sear and saute".    Is that just a quick,hot saute in a little oil?   
If chocolate is an option that is what I order, so when literally got the giggles after my first bite of zabiglione with fresh blackberries I became an instant fan.   Only tried making it once and it didn't measure up
Took my maiden voyage last night and I did bake the spuds.   Was very disappointed in how they turned out.  Tasted like unseasoned mashed potatoes.   I'm guessing I didn't use enough flour.   Dough1 was very light, I guess too light.   The dumplings did not fall abart in the water so I guess that was a moral victory.   Resort to buying a frozen gnocchi and will use with my leftover sauce.   I haven't eaten them enough to have a sense of what they should be like.     I've been researching gnocchi recipies and came across this fun and helpful gnocchi article by a lady from Assissi.    '   If you have (potatoe) gnocchi tips of your own, please feel free to share them here.     
finally made the dish and I was very happy with how it turned out.  Some comments if anyone is interested.   Chicken ended up being a little dry, will cook it less next time.   I used leftover hot Italian sausage so I lost out on the brownings, still the sauce was very flavorful.  Didn't fine cut the onion, about an 1/8 to 1/4 inch slice but cooked them to a nice, deep brown.  2 chix breast, 2 links, 8 oz cream, 12 oz chix stock.   Didn't have fresh so used dried...
First thing I ever learned to cook, learned from mom.  I am sure she learned from her ma, so the recipe dates back maybe to the 1800s.   Melt eqal amounts of unsweetended choc squares and butter in double boiler.    Add powdered sugar (to taste),  will need a few teaspoons of milk, mix fast with a spoon.   Stir longer than u think u would need to.   At some point the consistency of the frosting changes to  shiny velvety, and it starts grabbing to the pan.    A little...
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