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Cherry can darken the color of the meat and give it a sweet flavor. You can also prefer to use Hickory. Hickory wood is popular for making barbecue.
I like pickled cucumber. For Indian pickles, I prefer mango pickle marinated in sesame oil.
Yes, Thermopen is gives faster and more accurate result than any other meat thermometer I had used.
You should also include porcelain cookware...It's efficient to have one in your kitchen.
Thanks for sharing this recipe...sounds yummy...
It's not surprising that the pesticide company would be the one to criticize the First Lady's organic garden. After all, it is the one to be affected by the rise in popularity of organic products.
The ambiance of the restaurant is also one of the most important considerations. The surrounding is one of the factors that could whet the customers' appetite.
I think wooden board is good in cutting raw meat. It does not have toxins that are possibly present in plastic board. However, you have to make sure that you clean the board well before and after using because bacteria may thrive there.
:eek: I think any wine will do. If I would be the one to sample your cabbage and wine pairing, I wouldn't mind whatever wine you use.
zinfandel and cabernet are best served at room temperature. white wines are the ones to be served chilled. :beer:
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