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I find freezing our local goats cheeses does not work unless you are going to either fry or grill the cheese after defrosting.   Rather buy smaller pack sizes which should keep months in the walk in.
What you are seeing is indeed a fungus, I treat my pumpkins and squashes weekly with a Bordeaux Mixture, ( copper sulphate and lime )   Do not stop the weekly regime as it is more of a preventative than a cure.   As far as I am aware Bordeaux mixture is allowed on organic vegetables and is certainly better than any of the nasty chemical mixtures        
White is clean, white is our tradition, then again all traditions come to an end, so why switch to black, maybe fire engine red
GMS, glycerol mono-stearate, will foam up most oils, melt in at around 90Celcuis and whip up   Sounds quite chemical but GMS is used as a milk substitute in cheaper ice cream or in sorbets as I thickener    
Returning customers, requesting the same dish   Also I agree with number 2 preparing something you caught or grew yourself
mmm Maybe a franchise restaurant for you Gals,   Cook up your Look 
Hi Chef-Marcus and jlmassey   I bought a small kit for button mushrooms and it worked like a bomb for about 2 weeks, had as many mushroom items on the menu as possible, the mushroom box sort of fizzled out after 3 weeks but provided at least 50 punnets of mushrooms, which was very well received.   Marcus really like your display and this is what I will want to try in our restaurant, even if they are not grown by myself   Thanks for the input guys   Will...
Does anyone grow there own mushrooms for restaurant use?   I think it would be nice to say the mushrooms were picked when your order was placed 5 minutes ago.   If anyone has experience with this, please kindly share it
Over 50% of restaurants dont last 24 months, look for one that is closing down and approach the owner about buying there used catering equipment
If the kitchen station is running well, take a break, if you are under pressure don't. Nobody can stop you going to the "toilet", and no chef will stand for 16 hours straight
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