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Ya, that was one thing that I found somewhat worrisome as well. On paper they seem fine, but that's one thing that manufacruters aren't alwas crystal clear about.
Ok, decided not to get a grill, I'll have a small charcoal or gas grill to use outside anyway. I'm still leaning towards the cuisinart multiclad line, set or not. I can get the 12 piece multiclad for $226, then buy a nonstick multiclad 10 in. frypan for $60 (or should I just buy a cheap teflon one for like $20? What differences will I notice? I want these pans to last a long time), buy an extra 4 qt multiclad saucepan for $50, my dad said he'd buy me a wok. That all...
I imagine myself never having to cook for more than 5 people including myself. Usually between 1-3 people.
I've been looking around a lot and after reading up on all the different materials and properties of each I want an aluminum core (thicker the better) clad with stainless interior and exterior. I was thinking about buying a set, some of which look like I'd use all the pieces they come with (because I'm starting from absolute scratch), but some might be overkill for me. Me: Sophmore in college getting my own place, with 2 good friends as roomates. I love to cook and want...
My threads so I can come back later and finish it.
Haha, that's hilarious
That sucks. Around here the deer are our only real problem, and slugs.
Honeysuckle is great
Huge serrated steak knives.....:mad: Being treated like I'm cheap and won't tip well because I'm 19. Just because I'm a kid does not mean I'm an idiot. I always tip very well.
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