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I have one oven and two dishes that need oven time.  I like to roast halved baby potatoes for @45 minutes to one hour at 400.  But I'm serving chicken that needs the broiler for about 35-40 minutes.  See my problem?   Could I roast the potatoes half-way (or more) through and then pull them out, then do the chicken, and then finish up the potatoes?  Or is there a better way?  Thoughts?   And, yes I've thought about changing the plans for dinner, but with all the...
I don't use them often, but needed a vanilla bean for a pot de crème recipe.  Penzeys has 3 Madagascar beans for $9.35.  Our local supermarket had Spice Islands which contains 1 bean for . . .  wait for it . . .  $17.39 !!!  I ended up buying 1 bean from our co-op.  They sold them for $ 1.69 each.   Is there any reason for the wild price differences beyond "because they can"?
Thanks for responding MichaelGA.  I'm using a Le Creuset Dutch oven instead of a Paella pan.  At the point where the pot is covered, it is put into a 350 degree oven for 15 minutes, until almost all the liquid is absorbed.  Then the shrimp and bell peppers and peas are added.  The pot is covered and put back in for about 10-12 minutes.  The original recipe calls for 2 cups Valencia rice to 3 cups chicken broth.  There is also 1/3 up white wine.  This ratio worked...
Hello Old Friends!  It's been awhile. I use the recipe for Paella from Cook's Illustrated and it works well.  I doubled it for a dinner party, but it took a lot longer for the rice to cook!  Needless to say, this threw the timing off for dinner in a big way.  Thus my question:  should doubling the amount of rice change the cooking time?  I doubled the liquid (and all the other ingredients).  When I've Googled a similar question, the answers were:  yes, no, maybe.  So...
Great suggestions!  I think I'll try a few different combinations and see which works best.  Thank you all.
Thank you both for your suggestions! Neufchatel/cream cheese is a good idea as a base (particularly the low fat choice for the "tangy" taste).  But I am concerned about the saltiness of the other cheeses.  The bacon is pretty salty and the onions are caramelized which adds an intensity as well.  Can I get away with just using the cream cheese?  Or maybe just a touch of the Pecorino?
I'm making a goat cheese, bacon, and onion tart for friends who hate goat cheese.  I've tried using feta cheese as a substitute in the past but it was too salty and way too dry.  Any other suggestions for a cheese that would approximate the texture, moisture, and general taste of goat cheese for this recipe? Thanks!
How long can I keep sauteed (actually caramelized) onions at room temperature?  I finished cooking them at 1pm and will be using them in an onion tart which will then be baked for 40 minutes at around 4:30.  Can I leave them out or do I need to refrigerate them?
From the "this may be a dumb question but" file:  We buy fresh bagels, a dozen at a time, and freeze them.  Our friend does the same but with day-old bagels because they're cheaper, and he maintains that once you freeze and defrost them, there's no difference.  Is there a difference?
I know that Cab Franc can be paired with all sorts of roast meats, but I'd like to make something a little more "interesting."  We have a monthly wine tasting/food pairing group, and this month it's Cab Franc at our house, so we also provide the main dish.  Any suggestions?
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