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The chef jacket post got me thinking about food safety and well how different it is from the manufacturing side of things to the restaurant side of it...     I have worked on both sides of the industry and have a wonderful (really no sarcasm at all) job in a food plant and it is a far cry from the restaurant world...       This is food plant life....       First of all it is paperwork hell and that is all for traceability in the event of a recall...  I have to...
OMG sorry Kuan!!!   I didn't see your post until I sent mine in...guess I need to learn to read the whole thread before replying.... so very sorry!!!!!!!!
I work in a food production plant so our uniforms are brought in and we are not allowed to wear them outside at all....
From a co worker when I was pulled from my dept to help the shipper catch up....this is BS did you tell boss how much work we have to do? .... (At the time we had to slice two cases of peppers....maybe an hour of work tops... Open three cases of mozzarella... Five minutes of work.. And one case of mozzarella.... Again maybe six minutes of work with that.) I said yes I did and there were three of us so we could easily spare one for such little work to do. Her words... ...
I work in a food production facility and we are required to take our breaks. HR pretty much insists on it. It took a long time for me to get used to, actually having more than a run to the washroom or a few minutes while I scarfed back a sandwich.
I think I read somewhere that the husband was going to be deported?
Well put foodpump. I didn't go to culinary school but it is something I'm seriously considering for the experience. It will be part time studies at a community college, not a for profit cooking school. My boss is the same way you are..if he knows his staff are willing to learn he is more than willing to take the time and explain things to us and teach/mentor us.
That was one of the main reasons I left the diner...how the owners treated the staff. I've never been so poorly treated in my life and It was affecting my family life so I got out and I'm glad I did. I think you need to decide what is best for you and if leaving this place is the answer then go for it. Not every cook can work in every kitchen..
That one who refused to tie her hair back reminds me of a co worker. She's the break nazi.. has to have her breaks on time no matter where we are in our work, and refuses to tuck her bangs completely under her hairnets as it 'looks ugly"! Hmm... Last time I checked we work in a food factory not a beauty salon. And as for the breaks... I take one in the morning when it is a good time ( between tasks ) and then lunch when the time allows. We're supposed to take an...
I think I've been lucky in that I've never had the sexist stuff thrown at me. Holding the door open is just being polite and I do it for any co worker no matter what their gender is. The place I am at now, there is alot of ribbing etc that gets thrown my way but I give as good as I get and they all know that. At the end of the day it's all about how you do your job and how you fit into the kitchen.
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