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I saw a guy get fired because he blamed his lateness on the bus.   I rode the same bus as him to work and I was never late.., not even once.   The thing I did differently than he did was give myself an extra half hour to allow for traffic jams, missing the conneecting bus., bus driver not sticking to the schedule..    What pisses me off... when people like to pass the buck for their eff ups... and when chef confronts them the first thing out of their mouth is "it...
I've done corporate and owner-operated and  I had a good experience with corporate and owner operated and then a terrible experience with owner-operated so really I think it depends not only on the place but the people who are in charge.   Now I'm corporate again, as well as non profit and both places are amazing to work at.
Well I sort of got the PITA sewing project finished.. it was a bathing suit for my daughter... and it came out really nice.  Unfortunately I made a minor mistake when I was at the fabric store and listened to the salesperson who was trying to help me.. so instead of making my own cups for the top, she gave me premade ones... big mistake!!  She had a backup suit with her just in case and I am going to take the top apart and remove those stupid things.. then it will be...
Kgirl I replied in your thread but I will say it again.. it looks like you had an amazing visit home!!  I will pass on the raw fish though and I did gain twenty pounds just looking at the pics you took!
Thanks Butzy.. good to see you again too!
Thanks ChefEdB... you are so right... for every place there is a person and I think this person has found her place..  it's not a glamour job and no one will ever see what I do or where I work but it is a great place to work and the pros outweigh the cons tenfold when it comes to the job itself.
Thanks Petals.. the best part about the job is that it gives me time to enjoy life... a hard to find thing in our world, I know..   I'm on day one of my staycation... I have two and a half weeks off starting today... hubby is off starting Wednesday and he goes back a day before I do...  I went for a walk, saw a free concert, took myself out for lunch and now I'm between sewing tasks... this next one is going to be a PITA but it will be really unique once I am done...
Ha ha Billl you're funny!  How are you and the family doing?
K-girl I think I gained twenty pounds just looking at your pics!  Mind you I will pass on the raw fish... I'm not a fish fan on the best of days though I have to admit..   I'm glad you and the hubby had a great trip home!!
Hi everyone     Remember me???  That crazy lady?     Well I am still around, just busy.   I am full time in the production kitchen and the lead in my department.... I have benefits, work perks and a company pension... i am never leaving this job!  Yes it is mind numbing.. think standing in front of a roto griller feeding veg into it for hours at a time.... or pounding out ready to bake pizzas by the 100s.... we have a great crew and the bosses are...
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