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Used as a sorbet with honey and lemon garnished with a candied rose petal.
Some interesting info for you to read here found at craftybaking.com   Mixing Method - Creaming Copyright © 2000 Sarah Phillips Sarah Phillips, Inc. All rights reserved. The first step in recipes mixed with the Creaming Method, are typicallySHORTENED (BUTTER) CAKES and some COOKIES. You will recognize it when the recipe indicates: "Cream butter and sugar together until light and fluffy"; or "Beat butter and sugar together until light in color"; or any combination of...
I agree with what Pan and Ed have said.   According to Paula Figoni , her book on How Baking Works explains it like this :   "How Does Sugar "Cook" Egg Yolks ?   When sugar is placed on egg yolks and not stirred in, the yolks gel and appear to cook. Sugar, being hygroscopic, pulls water from the yolks (recall that yolks are about 50 percent water) and dries them. Without water, proteins in the yolk are closer together and quickly aggregate, as if heat was...
Welcome to Cheftalk Mary Could you tell us a little about Belarus ? What is the food scene like there ? What dishes do you like to make ?
Sorry for the delay Nicko, I just sent it off .@ Flavio : stunning sushi@ Teamfat : that rice looks great for sushi@ Fina : looks delicious
There is a Blog called theitaliandishblog.com and they have a recipe for something you just might like.....or not., Limoncello . The recipe is fairly easy - zest of 6-7 large lemons - 1 litre or quart of pure grain alcohol or vodka - 5 cups (1250 ml) water - 3 cups (700 gr) sugar These make for great gift giving. A thought
So sorry Phatch, I did an edit when I first posted my pics with the ingredients but somehow it got lost. In no particular order: Jasmine rice Water Almond milk Saffron Cinnamon sticks Butter Salt Crushed pistachio Dried berries Dried flower petals Vanilla sugar Chopped apricots Gold flake This might be a boring point but to get a creamy texture in a rice pudding, I like to take a potato masher and gently mash it a couple of minutes, this releases more starch after that...
Great looking meals Joey ! I can't remember the last time I had swordfish. The mushrooms grow on the boss's property every year. I call them puff mushrooms, the one important thing is to make sure you pick them early enough otherwise worms will make a condo out of them. Lovely dishes Joey, your a great chef.
The rice featured is Jasmine. Rice Pudding Persian Style
3/8 inch . Cooking it the way that has been mentioned just gives it that perfect crisp on the outside. I tip my hat to you for trying to make the perfect fry.
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