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@Mike : Great topic for this time of year ! I made this yesterday. It's not so much about the pie itself but what I put under the top pie crust. All the entries here are fantastic.
Maybe something like this ?    Line these on a wall and toss in your pastry bags.
The mirror is a great idea. What type of dish are you creating , savoury or sweet ? I'm all for adding gold leaf or edible gold or silver dust for effect. Petals.
Foie gras and apple rings served with a reduction. :
You said it ! It was looking at art , on a plate. Nothing like getting inspired.
The plating is absolutely stunning. Thx for sharing that.   Petals.
I've made the recipe for that cake and yes, it works but in thin layers.
Sping Special from menu last year was Fiddles and Tails : butter poached lobster tails and peaches on a bed of fiddle heads.
Then use your bread flour , no problem.
As fast as you dip it in the liquid, take it out. I realize you are using heAted milk but if there was ever a problem in a cookie falling apart too fast , it's because of that. Try to dip it in cold milk and fast. With all the other liqueurs you are using , the cake will all come together nicely once the cake has set. The lady fingers your mom used are probably not the same as what they sell today , reason why she had to soften them with warm milk. The lady fingers today...
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