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C'mon Eh !   (best laugh tonight thanks !) lol
Crock pot stew with Guinness.
KK, looks fantastic ! That is cooked to absolute perfection. Is that rapini on the side ? I really enjoy rapini cooked then drizzled with olive oil and a squeeze of lemon , salt and pepper. FF: Said just like that but spelled "Rosebeef" !
Chefwriter,   I use this recipe, I'm sure alot do but thought I would just add a few words about the technique.   250g sugar 8 medium eggs 250g plain flour 50g butter   Place the eggs and sugar in a heatproof bowl (or your Kitchen Aid bowl / Stand Mixer)   Use a whisk and incorporate the two gently together till homogenized Sit it over simmering water , continue whisking until temperature of mixture reaches 55 degrees,  remove and place on Stand Mixer and mix...
Sazal : but you do make cheese ?    You can't go wrong with a smoked meat club !
Welcome to Cheftalk ChefMUD , looking forward to your posts.
Phatch, I really like using sweet potato in a stew as it thickens it up and gives it a nice texture. I did the same in the one I posted here. Haven't had a curry dish in so long , makes me nostalgic .
Jarmo is more than likely knee deep in mind blowing culinary creativity, in the meantime we must be patient......just like cooking a stew. Ordo , it's just sheer enjoyment to participate when time allows it.
@ homecookproject , Welcome to the challenge , for a first entry , it looks fantastic ! Thanks for sharing your technique and pics with us. Looking forward to hearing more about you and all your fine dishes. @ KK , your stews are absolutely mouthwatering ! I don't know if you got a new camera but your pics just seem to pop. @ Chris , yes, I've always believed this to be true. @ Teamfat , it's only missing a dumpling
Thank you FF, it was a switch from the regular type. I saw Bruno Albouze make one with lemon and decided to try it with cherry. I unmolded it and then lined the outside with lady fingers. I served it very cold. As you mentioned , it had the undertone of a Black Forest cake.As far as the alcohol. I usually spray one type or another in my desserts but this time I didn't. Making it round was different as well. Sometimes you just want to put your own spin on a dish and make...
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