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Great theme GM, all the flavors I enjoy.  Just one of these days I would like to walk through a hugs spice market...and take you all with me !
I really enjoy Hubert Keller. There is a finesse in all his cooking.    http://youtu.be/XXTvf_0S8So  
Great looking desserts everyone, and those flavors ! 
Go to the website marieclaire.fr and you will find the entire recipe there.
All I know is that it's a chocolate eclair with a raspberry glaze. Gone is the macaron, it's all about the fancy tasting eclairs.
Great looking food everyone, it's so nice to see .
A verrrry thick ganache. Toss in oil or corn syrup or butter and you will have the high shine. And I agree, once in fridge bye bye shine. A very rich tasting topping.
Such sad news. He left his mark on ChefTalk and upon each and every one of us. My deepest sympathies to the family. May the God of all comfort be with them.
Edible flowers ? Well I like to use them , they can bring a touch of elegance to a dish depending what is being plated.
Great looking cake Torrie.
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