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This topic/thread was started because FF heard/read about it.......it is an open discussion. There are alot of folks out there that have their own methods of cooking bacon.    We are in 2014 , all seated together to talk, in a polite way.....   It is just bacon. 
It is a Black Ceylon, a gift from my mother.  
Thank you FF !   I am so glad you liked it. It is not complicated to make and it is definitely one I will be making again. I may try other ingredients to switch things up a bit. 
Cool video's . I would have to say one of the best rock groups was Led Zep.  I was never one to get caught up in just one style or sound, I enjoy it all.    If you ever have a bad day, come here and listen to this song (great album btw) She starts to sing a little way into the music......hang on my little tomato !     
Dear Cheftalk friends, After going through the freezer and cupboards , I ended up with some nuts and dried fruits that I wanted to use up. So after thinking things through I thought of making Panforte. Maybe some of you have made it before ?I know there is a big history behind the confection and that it is served in December but I am not one who believes in tradition. I think all dishes can and should be made anytime you feel like it. Today was a cold day with a lot of...
Why not ? Go ahead FF , look forward to the challenge
 A couple of years ago, I stumbled upon this artist. I checked online to see when he was coming to Montreal, only to find out that he had passed away by drowning. This song gets me every time.    @ Michael: love that stuff.   
L-O-V-E ? Yes. lol Thank you  Ordo.
Nice knives DC. I keep mine on a mag strip as well as it saves time and space.
I agree Ordo. Vic presented a beautiful one. I made one  today as well. I tried doing a montage but alas it didn't work.    http://youtu.be/pAj2D5nVD9s   Florencio Coronado    Some ingredients. sea bass, couple scallops, shrimp etc  I went to a Central American Market and bought Maiz en Mazorca (large white corn) imported from Peru.  Aji Limo 3 colors Prep of coriander, lots of lime - 10 to be exact, garlic, ginger, peppers..... (sorry the pic is that way)  Peppers...
New Posts  All Forums: