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Alex, you can reply with feedback right here in this thread you started. Making confection is not the easiest thing to do but there are many here that can help you once you start . So glad you are enjoying ChefTalk, there is much to learn , even when using the search bar.
I like your use of pumpkin and kale in the stew Mike, delish. The handles on those two large knives are stunning.
Siduri might be reading this and having a good laugh !    It has been a terrific thread .
We sure do miss her, she was a breath of fresh air, and just so positive.    Petals.
We look forward to your feedback and hope the recipe was what you were looking for.
Sicarii: that topping is right up my alley! It looks great .
Lol. I'm just as baffled but I tend to agree with you, puzzling ? Italians or French ?
I would like this gentleman to make me a drink one day.  
I totally agree with you Chris. BTW, your dish looks amazing. There is something to be said about pairing fruit with pork and Braised Endives....oh the endives....   KK: That pic really shows the creaminess of the sauce. Did you use a fork and spoon to eat them ? I  love my pasta al dente and find those noodles are not lady friendly ;) Fun ,Yes.   Buba: Jealous I wasn't there to try it.   GM: Never had that before but it looks great. Your own sausages ? Smooth work-...
Thank you so much for your thoughts on the "issue" of butter. I absolutely agree that this type of cake is solely enhanced by what is added on it/in it. It is interesting to note that there are other types of sponge cakes. I often spray my cakes with flavoured simple syrups/liqueurs as they add the needed flavor profile.  Candy oils are integrated when making the syrups as they really enhance the flavor, depending of course on what I'm trying to achieve, not all are done...
New Posts  All Forums: