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Your crew will move and get whatever needs to get prepped and cooked ....done. Simple as that. I hope it gets healed fast, sounds like third degree burns which are painful. As far as support goes, have a presence and keep them motivated. I'm sure they all know what they are doing .
If you can't defrost it in the fridge because of size and space then like Butzy said, cold water bath . @chomps @ Just curious, how are you cooking this ? Spit ?
Your dish looks terrific Mike, I'd try that 👍🏻
Pad Thai. Here are some steps I took to make it. There is a good amount of heat going on with this dish from the liquid gold I made. It's not the kind of dish you drink wine with but rather a cold beer to cool those sensors going off on your tongue 😂 This is one of those dishes that have it all going on at the same time.
One more thing I read as of late, Latin America's 50 Best Restaurants had an article showing some award winning Chefs plating on a slab of rock , a bird's nest with some assorted feathers. I leave you the proof :
Here is their recipe, happy cooking !
I saw that video on a Facebook feed of Le Bon Chef and it's also on a feed called La Alto Gastronomia . Check it out and let me know guys what you think ?@Jake Well said and I agree .@ ChefRoss I'd let Grant plate dessert for me 😋
Exactly !
I saw a video clip the other day that was taken in a restaurant. The patrons were all waiting to be served food out of a wheel barrel. Worse, the chef was tossing it out on their plates (splash) they were all cheering and thought this was incredible ....
I wouldn't either, my point is , I have too much respect for food to ever serve it on those items.
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