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Then use your bread flour , no problem.
As fast as you dip it in the liquid, take it out. I realize you are using heAted milk but if there was ever a problem in a cookie falling apart too fast , it's because of that. Try to dip it in cold milk and fast. With all the other liqueurs you are using , the cake will all come together nicely once the cake has set. The lady fingers your mom used are probably not the same as what they sell today , reason why she had to soften them with warm milk. The lady fingers today...
A plate stacker of sorts ?
I like the use of Devonshire type cream, similar to what your talking about Jelly.I whip up the cream, add the stabilizer, cheese at room temp softened , add whatever flavors. This stuff whips up high, thick and is a house favourite.
Looks lovely Shores, you have our full support !
That's not only Zen but cooking with love. Your a great Dad !
Yes, more please !Fantastic food pics everyone .
The word : déchets   
Interesting post . Reality though being what it is, I don't know of any chefs/restaurants that use  fresh herbs in that sauce. It all boils down to cost in the end.That word we all would all love to use but simply cannot , "Original" I enjoyed the article.
Mike : I would have loved to have tried that Yeller : cooked perfectly ! Need more wine
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