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Lol The sauce ......@MikeI would have loved to have tried that with a glass of Beaujolais
Could this be it ? http://www.epicurious.com//recipes/food/views/Triple-Ginger-Cookies-356326 Sent from my iPad
When I entertain, I try to prep as much as I can ahead of time. But reality being what it is, its very difficult to do all the prep and just sit down.  I thinks its important to draw your guests out with lots of questions. This keeps the focus on them, you just listen, and you come to know know so much more about them, after all , was'nt that the purpose of the get together ? Make sure their glass it topped, background music to enhance whatever mood your trying to...
Have you ever tried it flambe with grappa or aguadente ? I like using Portuguese chourico as it  is less spicy yet still has that bite to it. The Spanish chorizo is just as good .       I score the chorizo , place it on a chorizo griller, and pour the alcohol over it. Then slowely rotate the chorizo. Its a nice little conversation piece while eating olives and deep fried cheese or assorted cheeses. I don't know how anyone else eats theirs but heating the chorizo...
I also had pipettes with grand marnier stuck in the quail prior to serving. (along with veggies)  I didn't have time to take a pic but someone else did.
Welcome to Cheftalk, we look forward to seeing you around the boards.   Petals.
You may also want to read on some of the fascinating work that Anne-Sophie Pic has done. She has  taken perfumes , and based on their floral notes, created award winning dishes.
It looks terrific !   You can always work your lattice right to the edge. 
@kaneohegirlinaz : You have done a great job at this thread !    I don't have too much to post as I have been away and now fighting the flu for the second time.    Lamb shoulder on a bed of onions, garlic and rosemary/repeat on top, drizzle olive oil. Cooked for 3 1/2 hrs 275    Simply pulled bone out.    Slow baked ham with candied ginger and marmalade      Last night , pasta which simmered for 2 hours      And I thought of you eating this ! 
We are thinking of you @Koukouvagia
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