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Thank you for rekindling the theme . , I'm going to post a few pics and expound on them . I would like to know everyone's opinion about table scapes. For instance flowers, how high/low should they be on a table ? Arrangements come in all different sizes . I have been to homes & restaurants where I could not see the person opposite me. Don't get me wrong , this is not always a bad thing considering who may be on the other side (did I say that ?) Are place cards...
Oh the salt & sweet , heavenly.
So sorry about what happened to you Kgirl ! I hope you start feeling better very soon. @ Chis : 1st class ! Terry looks superb .
I agree, great looking food everyone. Jake , if you serve that dish 3 times a day, I'll gladly eat it. In fact there should be a law on serving stuff like that....
If it's puff then I would definitely use the paper
Soup for a King  Jake. I truly believe that its all about the stock.    I don't know how to make this pic smaller , I took it from my album. I made this awhile back . Spring roll , stuffed with shrimp, pork, carrot, rice noodle, peppers, mint, coriander, topped with garlic chilli and sweet ginger sauce.     How about some Char Sui  
Kgirl & FF : Thank you. I used two lbs of phyllo . The tea was simply mint , freshly steeped. That dessert was part of a meal I posted in the "what did you have for dinner " thread.
You truly are Hiro. Visiting Japan is a goal of mine . Doing hanami in a gorgeous spot with a lunch would be wonderful.
Hiro, we can dream about beautiful things but nothing comes close to the word beautiful but then to be sitting under the cherry trees in full bloom.
Thank you everyone for your kind words.Torrie , I just wanted to comment on what you did with those 34 loaves of bread , fantastic. That's what I call "Paying it Forward" .One random act of kindness , no matter what it is, goes a long way to make this world a better place.As chefs/cooks/food lovers , there is always a part of us that is on the giving end. We feel it, we live it.There should be a thread on just that, paying it forward. It can be anything: open the door and...
New Posts  All Forums: