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Take a bow Shores, because that's the best looking bbq I've seen in a longgggg time
LolSomeone finally sent me a pic of it ten minutes ago, not the type I would of taken but hey, beggars can't be choosers. Now that Ive studied it, it's looking rather sexual ! ( or is it just me ? )Stuffed ( nuts and dried fruit) Quail in a Demi-Mandarin sauce , parsley mash, flowered carrots, snow peas, pearl onions, garnished with crushed pistachio, pomegranate seeds and a pipette of Grand Marnier. The utensils were being changed as pic was being taken.
@Koukouvagia: Your roast is cooked to perfectly.
Interesting info from this site : Diana : The Legacy of the Huntress     From : http://www.foodreference.com/html/art-steak-diane.html   Diana was the Roman Goddess of wild animals and the hunt.  The sister of Apollo, she was praised for her strength, beauty, athletic prowess, and hunting skills.  She was also deemed a protectorate of woman and became associated with chastity, marriage, and fertility.      Diana considered her body sacred. According to Roman...
Thanks Mike, I took it Saturday. 
Dark Fudge Icing / Chocolate Glaze/ Chocolate Ganache/ Cream Cheese Glaze
A no fail way: Use cheese wire or dental floss  
Lol The sauce ......@MikeI would have loved to have tried that with a glass of Beaujolais
Could this be it ? http://www.epicurious.com//recipes/food/views/Triple-Ginger-Cookies-356326 Sent from my iPad
When I entertain, I try to prep as much as I can ahead of time. But reality being what it is, its very difficult to do all the prep and just sit down.  I thinks its important to draw your guests out with lots of questions. This keeps the focus on them, you just listen, and you come to know know so much more about them, after all , was'nt that the purpose of the get together ? Make sure their glass it topped, background music to enhance whatever mood your trying to...
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