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Nice one Joey, never underestimate a cook !           Classic Steak Tartare             I always add the cognac prior to serving
Thanks everyone for the great support.   @ DH : I tried that , here was my first attempt with a large muffin tin. The problem was that it did not bake on the interior.    Puff needs 400 to properly bake in my humble opinion , otherwise it won't puff up. The core just would not come to temp in the muffin tin.   @ Skyler: Yes, there are sites that have something similar but their recipes are not 100% accurate. The website that you posted has the jist but her slices are...
Yes, it needs to be thin , otherwise once it's rolled up the interior won't fully cook. (My own trial and error) . Also a thin layer of your choice of jam/jelly & the toothpick. I thawed the puff in the fridge overnight. I'm always open to new ideas.
Oui, mais , Je trouve que ça prends un cheddar vraiment fort. I really enjoy it with a cheddar.
@ Panini: Lol, you can put your own spin on anything I make here ! @ Fable: Thank you for the kind words, much appreciated . ChefTalk is a soft place to fall for those who like to embrace a new concept/exchange of thoughts, it also inspires.
Thank you Colleen and Cheflayne, puff is such a versatile pastry to work with.
Thanks Michael. It was rolled out from bottom to top. The pic is a bit deceiving to the eye but the width is just as wide both top and bottom, although bottom part of pic looks wider. I took the pic with my iPhone. When you calculate the puff , maybe 2.99 for 400 gr plus 2 apples , some jam/jelly ( I like to empty that jar and just purée it, goes further) , these Apple rose's are so cost efficient . They double in size.
So good to see you Kgirl !
Yes, that's right. The trick is to put the slices in warm water, pat dry, line on puff and then it rolls up in seconds.
Never be intimidated by a Chef or a Foodie . Any , and I mean any dish that is executed properly (with all the variables) is all that truly counts. If you like slow cooked dishes, what about a good beef bourguignon ? Let it cook for a couple of hours, make a good mash, arugala salad all dressed up. Maybe finish your meal with fruit and cheeses ?     This is a thread that has some ideas.   spring menu ideas       Just a thought , Petals.
New Posts  All Forums: