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So sorry Phatch, I did an edit when I first posted my pics with the ingredients but somehow it got lost. In no particular order: Jasmine rice Water Almond milk Saffron Cinnamon sticks Butter Salt Crushed pistachio Dried berries Dried flower petals Vanilla sugar Chopped apricots Gold flake This might be a boring point but to get a creamy texture in a rice pudding, I like to take a potato masher and gently mash it a couple of minutes, this releases more starch after that...
Great looking meals Joey ! I can't remember the last time I had swordfish. The mushrooms grow on the boss's property every year. I call them puff mushrooms, the one important thing is to make sure you pick them early enough otherwise worms will make a condo out of them. Lovely dishes Joey, your a great chef.
The rice featured is Jasmine. Rice Pudding Persian Style
3/8 inch . Cooking it the way that has been mentioned just gives it that perfect crisp on the outside. I tip my hat to you for trying to make the perfect fry.
Paxil : that's a lot of work for fries and I have never in my life boiled potatoes just to make fries. Your mushy fries just might stem from being over cooked. I make my fries the way Fred does , never a problem . After you soak your fries make sure they are soaked good so all the starch is off , blanch in oil, second fry at 350-375.
Your are a wonderful host Teamfat ! Congratulations Phatch, a well deserved win. @ Pan: you are the King of Cakes and you are as young as you feel.
I just did a search. When we first hear the term bread pudding , we automatically think of cinnamon and raisins which is just about one of the most popular ways of making it. Another idea is to make a bread pudding using up bananas or a pairing of orange and cranberries, or apples and maple sugar tidbits. When we stop to think about it, the flavours are endless. In the gallery, a chef recently posted his version of a bread pudding which I thought was beautifully...
Right, simply put , creamy A silky velvety mouth feel , varying in consistancy. A filling, a sauce, custard, pudding, mashed potatoes..... @ Pan : it can be referred to as that also .
Love the crème caramel and French toast KK. So many great dishes and various techniques displayed, can't wait to hear who you have chosen Teamfat .
Making the patties with just the meat does it for me. I can see adding an egg with double the meat but even then ..... All that flour ? You should let the meat speak for itself. The burger will not fall apart if you don't add the flour or egg , is that the fear ?
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