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Plating ideas for you Dave ,
Baroque design mold :
Yes, there are also molds that can be used. Roll out fondant , drape and fill mold , unmold , place on cake making sure the ends match . Hand painted or airbrushed. Molds cost about 10.00 - 20.00 a piece . Intricate designs cost more. There are 5-6 molds for that cake . They also used a stencil for the middle of the gold frame.
I agree with you FF, they look so appetizing. Nicely done Nicko, just they I like them.
Nice job Kimmit !That is exactly how I still make them.If kept in a cool area , there is no problem making it during the summer months. Display an hour prior to serving.
Nice choice ! Petals.
Very nice GM . I think I could eat fish/seafood everyday. Petals
Well Done Teamfat ! They were all terrific dishes.
Great theme GM, all the flavors I enjoy.  Just one of these days I would like to walk through a hugs spice market...and take you all with me !
I really enjoy Hubert Keller. There is a finesse in all his cooking.    http://youtu.be/XXTvf_0S8So  
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