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Such sad news. He left his mark on ChefTalk and upon each and every one of us. My deepest sympathies to the family. May the God of all comfort be with them.
Edible flowers ? Well I like to use them , they can bring a touch of elegance to a dish depending what is being plated.
Great looking cake Torrie.
Looks fantastic KK, you certainly did it justice. I would have loved to have tasted that.
Chris , I'm humbled by your artistic connaissance . (Not just with these photos but in many areas of your life) . I am honoured to be framed by you. @ Torrie : working the line- good pics.
Very nice Mimi , looks great !
http://youtu.be/XTo84hn1Xyg One of many songs by her .
Love it Joey, thank you. Rock me baby is just so bluesy . The jazz festival will be opening up soon , I'll be checking out a singer called Susie Arioli .
Maybe we should all remember why we are posting , it was to answer this question without anyone getting personal. There is so much info to be gained in threads . We can either make or break it .
Thank you for rekindling the theme . , I'm going to post a few pics and expound on them . I would like to know everyone's opinion about table scapes. For instance flowers, how high/low should they be on a table ? Arrangements come in all different sizes . I have been to homes & restaurants where I could not see the person opposite me. Don't get me wrong , this is not always a bad thing considering who may be on the other side (did I say that ?) Are place cards...
New Posts  All Forums: