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It was a hard winter. Some of my family is now facing flooding because they live on the river. We are expecting 3 days of rain according to the Quebec meteo and then a large snow storm right after, will it ever end ? Dark cave here too. Better days ahead.
Mimi and Goldi , Have you ever heard of Alan Dunn ? He is in the UK and has written almost 20 some odd books on cake decorating and flower art by the use of many sugar mediums. I started playing around with cold porcelain first so that I could get the feel of moulding flowers by hand. Once I finished that phase I then moved on to gumpaste. Alan has a book out you might like called , " Sugar Flower Skills: The cake Decorators Step-by-Step Guide to making exquisite...
This dish can be made without it if you wish.....A guess ?
Good to hear from you !   Your portfolio is wonderful. You really know how to capture the light.
Put on your sweet tooth and see if you can guess this one:   egg + yolk sugar milk semolina butter zest & juice of of lemon vanilla phyllo pastry icing sugar cinnamon
Pollo: I loved Kinkaid with her in the kitchen scenes. I have missed so many great pics because of bad lighting also. I don't use a camera, just natural light with my iPhone.
Lagom , that is one I would like to make when my sister comes in from Cyprus.@ Kk: sounds like great food so far.
Would it be sauce bontemps ?
They are just heavenly when roasted. All bitterness / bite is lost and they take on somewhat of a mild flavour . For the most part , roasted radishes retain much of its juices. They also add color to a dish and are inexpensive / easy to grow just about anywhere. I enjoy cooking shallots on the BBQ, they too take on a nice flavour , basted with olive oil and s & p.
 I think we all understood what Pete said.  Aioli is like mayonnaise. It is a sauce as far as I am concerned. Only eaten with bread ? I could never limit my palate to just bread . What about a dipping sauce for seafood ? What about Le Grand Aioli, served with fish and vegetables, potatoes, eggs and some mullusks  ?  As for the bread, yup, to wipe the dish and pop in mouth. Labor intensive ? Hardly . Like any other sauce, technique.
New Posts  All Forums: