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Looks lovely Shores, you have our full support !
That's not only Zen but cooking with love. Your a great Dad !
Yes, more please !Fantastic food pics everyone .
The word : déchets   
Interesting post . Reality though being what it is, I don't know of any chefs/restaurants that use  fresh herbs in that sauce. It all boils down to cost in the end.That word we all would all love to use but simply cannot , "Original" I enjoyed the article.
Mike : I would have loved to have tried that Yeller : cooked perfectly ! Need more wine
I would use the dry and toss them in midway. But that's just me.
Show him the reviews, they speak for themselves especially when it's an ongoing issue. If he doesn't want to change than you can be sure there will be an intervention and you can rest assured that he is not going to like it.
Could be a few reasons : He may have a problem with his electrolytes or a problem with his adrenal glands. Either way, he needs a blood test. Chefs sweat a lot and need to stay hydrated. Gatorade helps a lot as a quick fix. Then you have Chefs who over the years , have slowely increased their salt intake to the point their palate has grown accustom to such high intakes that they no longer recongnize they are putting too much salt. Maybe he is just young and ignorant...
Served up lamb with parsley mashed potatoes, peas , carrots , gravy . Here are some pics of that dinner , nothing special
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