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Nope ( I'm saucy eh ? ) Hint just given.....
You said it !Some of the most beautiful or tastiest dishes have been made with limited ingredients.
Nice one !   Butter Shallot Mushroom white wine Brandy Sauce Espangnole Terragon or chervil (can be made with either)   Now this _______ has a particular name, can you guess ? And if you never made it, oh heavens to bits, its fantastic !
I see ice cream but beats me what the vinegar is for ? Oh your smooth Cheflayne !
~~Mimi: I don’t know it your on Pinterest but I have one board dedicated to it (the rest are mostly food related) http://www.pinterest.com/petalsandcoco/lambeth-royal-icing/?show_reg=True&invite_code=295b6dd796c0de9390414b4aa3d00db5 In fact if you go to Cheftalk’s Pinterest you will also see all kinds of beautiful cakes. There are over 3000 followers following their boards with many dishes from  great chefs/cooks from here. Talk about food pics….amazing !   Lambeth...
A couple of days with lamb ? Now your talking my language. Our family spends many weekends cooking at each other's homes. It's a way to decompress from "cooking" if that makes sense ? No stress for baking or cooking for other people ,no deadlines on delivery , just figure out who is making which dish, bring it all in the kitchen, put on the music, glass of wine and a way we go. If we are not doing that, then we are trying different restaurants to determine who...
Now that is Hummus !     It was a beautiful sunny day and I decided to make Mulligatawny.    The ingredients.    The soup.   There is a big history around this soup. After thinking things out, I decided to put my own spin on it. Kramer said it best : http://youtu.be/uVqBzP0xdKk
FoodPump is King in all things sweet. Kgirl, I think you might also enjoy another recipe in which the recipe is well described in a pictorial. I wish I had of done one but here is one you might like. Go to the website pastrieslikeapro.com There is a lady by the name of Helen S. Fletcher. She does a good job describing all the steps. As a side note , you can melt 6-12 oz of chocolate and slowly add it at the end.
A few ideas: - Apple beurre blanc (great sauce) - Creamy Polenta garnished with chopped peppers , black olives , lemon juice , oil, pine nuts , capers, etc... - Beet & Potato purée ( for color ) - Cauliflower purée
Thanks JP , I am used to cooking en papillote but will concider this technique in the summer on the BBQ. We don't serve in paper here. It's the big ink scare.
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