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That is another fav of mine. Actually , it's a meal in itself.
Lovely looking plum tart Terry. I made a no fail Tiramisu a few days ago and this one has a twist to it, a cherry twist.
Lol, 😊 my fault, trying to cover threads too fast. Let me get a glass of wine and relax ! Fine looking pizza , luv rocket .
It boils down to what you have been taught as BDL mentionned.  Don't most schools teach with a needle ? For those that can do it with knots, why not ?  Why should it matter if the desired result was achieved in the end ?
You are in our thoughts Lagom, such a sad time for you all.
Now hold on .......lol Jake, don't forget the choice of nuts you can use or herbs and just about everything else for that matter. (if this was already covered , then never mind)
I made this stew yesterday and it's being served today. Pork tenderloin with Port and Orange (and all that other good stuff)
For summer I enjoy them all but one I really enjoy is Waldorf.
Used as a sorbet with honey and lemon garnished with a candied rose petal.
Welcome to Cheftalk Mary Could you tell us a little about Belarus ? What is the food scene like there ? What dishes do you like to make ?
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