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It looks terrific !   You can always work your lattice right to the edge. 
@kaneohegirlinaz : You have done a great job at this thread !    I don't have too much to post as I have been away and now fighting the flu for the second time.    Lamb shoulder on a bed of onions, garlic and rosemary/repeat on top, drizzle olive oil. Cooked for 3 1/2 hrs 275    Simply pulled bone out.    Slow baked ham with candied ginger and marmalade      Last night , pasta which simmered for 2 hours      And I thought of you eating this ! 
We are thinking of you @Koukouvagia
That Chili sounds very nice TT.   Here are some pics of the latest in the kitchen, quail.    The sauce (manderin)    Stuffed quail      Parsley mash    Pearl onions for the sauce    Lemon Posset
I would like to thank all the terrific entries in the Flour thread this month. You helped to make this month extra special. That being said , you are all winners , truly creative and generous in every sense.  There was one member who hit a soft spot and it is here :   The winner of our December 2014 Flour Challenge is Kgirl  for her outstanding Cinnamon rolls ! Congratulations on a job well done.  You managed to bring a taste of home to my heart, loved it ! 
I agree with Ed. If you have never done it before , there is nothing wrong with handing the task back to them. Supplying food for 400 is a huge task if you have never done it before. Humility plus keeping the friendship should move you to step back.  You're wanting to help at such a difficult time is a great thing though.
Kgirl: Very nice buttermilk biscuits ! Thank you for sharing the recipe . I asked about it only because you wrote it was a pie at first. I thought it looked more like a pizza.    Dan: Your assorted raviolis look incredibly good and I very creative. Thank you for posting such a nice assortment of pasta including sauces.    Wonderful contributions everyone. it has been a terrific month and needless to say busy !    Winner will be announced before the stroke of...
Chocolate and vanilla mousse Vanilla panna cotta and chocolate sauce     All are quite simple to make and serve.
Welcome to Cheftalk Dan, we look forward to seeing you around the boards.   Petals.
If you are looking for an intense dark color gravy, you might want to add a tea bag . ( strictly for color)
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