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So glad you like them SicariiX ! For Candied petals, brush both sides of the petal with egg white wash ( I use my fingertips as it goes quicker) , sprinkle super fine sugar, tap , place on parchment . They need to stay in a cool dry area for 6-8 hours. (no humidity, at all) I move them every 2 hours to make sure they don't stick to the paper. You can store them in an airtight container for up to 3 months. Some do it for longer but I don't.  You can just imagine what a...
Yesterday : (sorry if the pics are dark- I bake early)    Homemade puff (too many pics to post)    Let rest in fridge for 30 minutes, Line baking sheet , bake 20 minutes.    Palmiers    Mini turkey pies        Banana bread    Pancakes with candied rose petals and raspberries.
@ Butzy : Who doesn't like a homemade rustic pizza ? We all do ! I enjoy "thin and crispy" , it allows the ingredients to shine without getting weighed done with all the dough. A fine entry !   @ SicariiX : What a terrific pictorial on the chocolate eclairs ! First entry with Choux.  I usually make mine with straight up whipped cream or pastry cream too, I would like to try it with the cream cheese filling. Who feels like cleaning a pastry bag when you can pipe it right...
Teamfat, I love your humor !   @ flipflopgirl: You have almost 10 sweets on your list, I sure hope you plan on posting something in the flour challenge, we would love to see your work. 
@ tbos42 : Those pancakes look extremely fluffy ? By any chance, did you put lemon zest in the batter ? The kids must have loved it ! Pancakes are one of those meals that can fit into a few time slots.  Well Done !   @ Kgirl: So you made the cake ? LOL  , I made it a few years ago to see how good the crumb was, it was a very good cake. So many folks have enjoyed the recipe. Nice job on the cake, I'm sure he loved it !  Can't wait to see what else is up your sleeve...
Very Nice Ordo ! What kind of sauce is that ?   @ Jake : I really like this !  
Another nice pasta dish Kgirl, can we know what ration of flour/semolina you are using to eggs ?
A dish for the Kings.....
Looking good Jarmo. I have never deep fried salmon (except when making  fish croquettes).    Love this:   
My thoughts exactly !    What is the point of deception ? What do you stand to gain ?  I would be terribly annoyed. Is this some type of market test ? Will the steak be well received in your establishment ?
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