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Congratulations MillionKnives, a well deserved win. We are looking forward to your June pick.
I'll post a pic when my plant is much bigger, but I'll say like you, great in a drink, salads, garnish, and pork stir frys.
Mike, he has quite a voice. I never heard of them to my knowledge. The second song has somewhat of a flamenco swing to it, so nice. Have you ever listened to BB King and Clapton ? There is some great blues happening there.
Chocolate mint is a great spin as well.
Congrats on the pork KK, for your first time , I don't know, your a natural born pro at it, well done !
Great looking dish chef Torrie , my kind of flavors !   Ordo: You realize its not nice to post something like that without sharing a piece ?   Chris : wonderful looking quiche, a dish that can be eaten morning, noon and night, its that versatile.
I'm with Shores, what a great looking pic. I have a fancy for what you did with the blueberry theme, now that's cookin'. Great posts MK. @ Shores: campfire bacon ? Your my hero. @ Chris: Thank you for your kind words, your lamb and previous mix plate is, well what can I say, very spot on.@ KK: yes , it was Greek salad, a fav. Vic: there were so many here to pick from, I'm glad I am not in your shoes. BTW thanks for being a great host. May the best man win ! To end this...
Welcome to CT, glad you found us.  Looking forward to your posts , we are always learning.   Petals.
Beautiful DC, and you even put your stamp on it.    Petals.
Great looking cake Joey. Would it help if you said " gateau au pruneau " ? one never knows.   Well I recently made  pistachio pudding, it takes the edge off , as they say.    simple and light.
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