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I cook the octopus by dipping it into a pot of water that has been brought to a rolling boil and then set to medium heat. I hang the octopus over the pot of water and dip it in and out. I do this 3 times counting 5-10 seconds on each dip. This allows the proteins to break down quickly so to say, it won't tighten up like a rubber elastic if it was just thrown into the pot of boiling water. Once the dipping is down , I let it cook for 40-50 minutes depending the size. The...
Yes, spray the tops with a mix of bourbon simple syrup and toss a dash in the frosting.  I would not waste cooking with it but let it shine as an accent.   Pete, I couldn't agree more. 
Feel better GM, the flu is going around here too.     Octopus salad    Boil till tender    Rinse, clean and cut    prep veg    Toss in octopus meat, add fresh lemon juice, olive oil, salt and pepper / that's it.    Serve.
Nice looking dishes Allan, love the squid steak.   Here is another that got me laughing again...       I was brought a shooter of Grey Goose (or two ) and then fun began       It works out to a little under a dollar per oyster       I usually like mine as is, fresh, full of liquid. For this one I put a dap of seafood sauce on it. Oysters are much like an opera, you either love them or hate them.
Pan, I should be working with you !   I'd like to try it with chestnut puree.....
These two guys always manage to make me laugh. Here is their spin on Moules & Frites (two short videos). I really enjoy how they taped this show at the market, with everything so fresh.       getting the pot ready    Mussels 25 pounds    Marinara Sauce with a bit of heat    This was prep for the white wine sauce    Wash and removed beards    Mussels with sauce    Mayo for the sweet potato fries: roasted garlic, dijon, curry and then ketchup    Simple...
Why serve chicken at all for this meal ? What about making a meal that will suit them all ? App : soup or salad Risotto Milanese ? Aubergine parmigiana ? Etc... Dessert A thought
This is a public forum , you are welcome to use use any recipe I post. I hope you try it and if possible , share your project with us, we would love to see it !
How far in advance ? Bake according to when you have the time. You can bake the cakes, cool them right down, wrap well and freeze. Defrost in fridge overnight and then frost day of the event. I agree with with Lauren , pick something light. It also depends the look your going for , being that it's a wedding cake. You can always pipe roses on the cake with the buttercream . It can get piped in 5 minutes . I'll post a video if that is something you might like to do. You...
I'm curious to know what your preferences are MK ?
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