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Chefwriter: I think you can upload both ways. Like you, so many options on cell phones nowadays, one can get intimidated at some point.  I always look forward to your thoughts on cooking. Can't wait to see what what is buzzing in your kitchen right now.   Here is a little something from the South of France :   Pissaladière    The making of the dough    Onions and garlic     Olives, anchovies    Simply added for color (placed in piping hot water to soften them...
 Watch the video : The most interesting man in the world. Lol. How can you not love beards after this ?
@ ChefManny: It is always important to make a good roux. Are there any tips you would like to share with those here who have never made it ? Would you also concur that there are five types of roux , color wise ? ? @ tbos42 : I would eat that any day of the week. I enjoy how the outside fries up crisp and golden. The other idea I like about this type of bread is that we can fill it. Thank you for showcasing the use of the corn flour, nicely done.   tr
Very true , especially for the Nouveau Riche. The topic of food at some point will enter into their discussions while eating.
Here , Here ! So much talent , it just inspires.
They watch their weight and always expect smaller portions yet with a larger assortment of dishes.  Where I work they eat a huge breakfast, always fruit plates and then some type of protein.  Lunch is always the big meal of the day. Late afternoon they always hit the kitchen up for snacks of some sort.  Supper is always light, served with wine and dessert is a given. My boss is sweet on chocolate so I'm always baking with it.  His wife accumulated recipes from their...
Nice looking pies there Mike. @ FF: They are red peppercorns.  Are you trying to egg me on ? Nice to see that you broke out of your shell. If you do decide this technique, you will find them egg-strordinary. Well, I think I've said un oeuf 
@ SicariiX : Three terrific entries. a) fish and chips b) Homemade Chicken Alfredo c) French Bread. I enjoyed your batter for the fish, never had it. There was a thread not that long ago about prep for fries, yours look like they were cooked perfect. Love the pics of the pasta hanging and your daughter is cute as a button.  You can't go wrong with French bread  Well Done !   @ tbos42 : Those Calzones are looking fantastic, the kids must have loved them. I can't remember...
Set oven to 400F and have your puff ready in the fridge, roll out into a square and toss in oven. While that bakes for 20 minutes, cook your bacon. Set up another pan and start your eggs.   I did not use a gadget for the eggs. Here is how I make them     Bring a pan of chicken broth to a boil. Reduce heat to med and gently drop in the eggs. Turn heat to min. The liquid should never cover the yolks , you can see from the pic where the level is (this is the way I do them...
@ TBos42 : I enjoyed your two recent entries on the Hardtack and scallops.   Do you remember the movie Seabiscuit (the small horse that won) ? His father the Sire was Hard Tack. Sailors ate sea biscuits (hard tack) on ships.     Using the cold water dough, your spin on the scallops with those finely cut truffles,  look amazing.  I can see why you chose a demi, it must of given it depth of flavor.  A terrific savoury dish in this challenge  !
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