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@ Lagom : Thank you for the info on those mussels, I would just love to try them. They look so much nicer than the ones we get here and I'm sure you love seafood as much as myself.   @ Jake : That was all served the same night . There were six of us eating lobster the other wanted salmon. Seven lobster were bought,  my brother easily ate two , we felt right at home eating it.  Last night was turkey dinner on an Indian reserve. I brought the dessert, it was very good....
when making crème brulee , if there are air bubbles after you have sieved your liquid , simply take your torch and burn of the air bubbles. Your dish will have a flat surface once its cooked. Always fill the water bath once the pan is in the oven with boiling hot water.
Lagom: those mussels look pretty big, are they a special type ?  Your food looks delish !   Jake: You can never go wrong with a cream sauce. What a great looking slice of pizza. Love me some herbs on a pizza.    Last night it went something like this:   salad set up for the boil prep for salmon clarified butter salad good oil garlic butter and bread mushroom risotto  the little guys  a heavenly bite  fruit
For instance, when making a risotto, I would prefer  plating with a patterned border, something like this :    simple border (google pic)                Plain white   There is nothing wrong with plating risotto on white, I have done it in the past, but for some reason, it looks lost. Now take a plate with a border ,  it's what I call "framing the  food".. We all know that properly prepared food will taste the same on either plate but I can bet my bacon, that if you...
Well I think you all look smashing ! Our personalities come through in our posts and it's easy to imagine what someone may look like. . Glad the record is straight, I'm not a man. Everyday I have to wear my hair up in a ponytail , it's rare I wear it down.
My grandmother gave me some depression glassware called carnival. When I have time, I will post it, along with some other dishware. Does anyone have any unusual or favorite plate/bowl/stemware they would like to share ? 
A Selfie I took just now....yikes !    
I think so many of us in years past have had the thought embedded in our brains that " we have got to load the plate ", " fill it up " . What I would call over the top food portions.   I believe that less is more.    For plates, home use, I use white . Name : Cashmere by Maxwell & Williams - visually square but sloping to a round shape. At work it is Spode in various patterns.     I have other decorative patterns which are used as well depending the food and...
They look great GM.   Tonight was nothing special , pizza on naan flat bread which was baked yesterday.    
You are beautiful .
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