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It looks like a winning bread Koko , the kind I like ! 
Chocolate fondant needs a high temp for 10 mins and needs to be served right away . Any opening of the door will not work.    I have never even heard of making them another way.    You can make and freeze them ahead of time but the baking issue remains the same.   Petals.
You can find some here:   http://elbin.com/product/disposable-creme-brulee-cup/   http://www.webstaurantstore.com/3-1-4-4-oz-foil-ramekin-utility-cup-100-pack/99942330.html   http://www.kitchendance.com/foilramekins.html http://www.bakedeco.com/dept.asp?id=386#.U3J2bIFdWSo   Petals.
I served the C.B's according to the second pic.  As for brown sugar, yes , it is good too. I like to use maple sugar sometimes.  Like all dark or colored sugars, it needs to be spread on a tray and air dried till there is no humidity , then sprinkled on .    @ Joey: It would be a great dessert to have at the restaurant. I make mine in advance, toss them in the fridge (taste great a day or two old- time to mature) and torch as needed. Those ones had Grand Marnier in...
 They are athletic, doing handstands :)
Here are some bricky brack items in a cabinet that we have not touched on : tea strainers, name  card holders, toast holder, hot plates etc.....   Jake, stay with us here , there is so much to discuss about table settings as well.   "Move over Emily Post" "Yes, that's right, I was talking to you. " "We have some fine folks here at CT that know a thing or two."          
Yes, indeed it is Delft. It is hard to plate with the color blue believe it or not. You just have to grab the bull by the horns and plate whatever your serving that day.   When we look at all the food types we can eat, there are not many items that have the color blue either. Its almost  defunct for plating.    My mother-in-law gave me these, I am 5 generation to care the torch .     Terry: Those jewels are a rarity and when you do find them, its bliss. If ever you...
For those that like to make Wedding Cakes, here is video of a professional creating a cake with a design plan. He will show you how to layer the flavors, create a support for the cake, the details of transporting the cake, to the final set up and fine detail.   An incredible video showing the work that goes into a large scale wedding cake.    BTW You do not have to be a baker to appreciate the talent that this man has, I applaud...
Thank you Pollo.    For special occasions, I tend to stay in white and silver. As for tablecloth, there is just something about white linen that makes me happy  My mother brought some nice pieces from Cyprus and I have yet to see tablecloths and napkins as gorgeous as those. 
They look good FF.    I made some C.B's the other day. I toss one coat of sugar on then wait, add another thin coat. I am not a fan of super dark sugar as I really don't like the flavor.     Tap and crack ! 
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