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Great looking cake Joey. Would it help if you said " gateau au pruneau " ? one never knows.   Well I recently made  pistachio pudding, it takes the edge off , as they say.    simple and light.
Teamfat, it's always a good feeling when folks try something new and they enjoy it.   I recently made chicken on pita, here is a peek on the inside.     When the chicken is cooked & off the heat, I always squeeze lemon juice , it enhances the flavor.
Two more pics.    served with salad.    Salmon steaks with     yes, salad and    and a wee zip of this    
Your in like Flynn ! Dessert and ice cream is a must have. I don't want to come across as a prude but please make some hot chocolate sauce for it, life just wouldn't be the same. It's a generous contribution in itself, maybe we can leave a cheese platter with fruit for someone else to bring ? I think we are all open to brandy or cognac to cap the evening
Thank you KK. I enjoy the crunch of iceberg , nice change from the mixed greens. Another fav is grilled Caesar salad.
Ordo, you will cooking too ! The wine is a great idea, we all need a glass as we chop away. I'll do the onions , I don't want any tears from anyone, just laughter and song . But what about dessert ?
Chris: Lamb one of my fav's. It is one of those dishes that does not need alot of fuss, you did it justice. Nice potatoes.  It is a splendid dish to celebrate this wonderful time of year, spring. Nothing beats the last week of May and first week of June, nothing.   Congrats Vic !    Speaking of lamb (nothing fancy)   Lamb Kebabs:      
 Wedge Salad. 
Something like jello ? It starts as a solid, it melts in water and because of gelatin can act as a binder .
You said it Pete !
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