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What about a Chinese five spice rub ?
Lauren, I would definitely go with the russets and dress the skins and hold in dry oven as Kuan mentioned.
Thank you Shores for starting the thread.      Nice looking bread Kgirl. Thanks for posting the recipe. I agree, you can vary the taste by what inspires you. I really enjoy it with Herbes de Provence.   I make my bread the same as what was posted in the Dinner thread, with the exception that I double the loaves.    6 cups flour (in the pics here , I used bread flour but AP works also) 1/2 tsp instant yeast 3 tsp salt 6 cups of water   Mix the dry ingredients...
Agreed, it should be 1/4 tsp of yeast, no wonder you couldn't get that dough under control. I have never used parchment , it automatically pops out when I give it good tap. But if it works for you, then why not ? FF your bread looks fantastic. Shores, your next one will come out just as great with the correct amount of yeast.
Looking good Shores, just curious, why the parchment ?   Did you wait till the bread cooled down somewhat before taking it out of the dish ?   What/How is the spatula is for ? To slide it up ?   Did you put the right about of yeast ?    Don't let that that devil of a dough get you down, if at first you don't succeed, rise and rise again...... ....I couldn't help it...
Mike, aren't deer steaks great ?   The following video made me laugh alot ! (oh and that movie !) I seem to be posting videos that make me laugh for some reason. Maybe because there are too many serious things going on in the world and if you can't enjoy what you're doing in the kitchen, what is the point ? ....Even under stress.     I present to you : French Onion Soup (sorry but there are alot of pics)    Prep and cut the bread (baguettes shown)    Ten pounds...
Right Lauren.   Shores, here is my go to bun recipe, not too hard  
Drab debates over the slow rise fermentation process and the concept of how it is baked .   I have gone passed the 12 hr mark Mannnny times. One time was 20 hours later and I still achieved the same effect.  Looking forward to your thoughts on it. I grew up on bread like this. Work is another story, they like light bread rolls.
@ Alaminute : Great job on that, the family must have loved it !   @ Kgirl: That is exactly what I am talking about   @ KK: Your dinner looks terrific. I'm a big fan of mushroom risotto. Have you ever had spiced  crab apples with pork ? Heaven.   @ Shores and FF : Here is the recipe I make, I like to double the recipe and toss it in the dutch oven. Thirty minutes covered and 20 without cover. It's a bread with a good chew.  Mark Bittman is watching how it's done. He...
Thank you for the kind words.
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