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They look great GM.   Tonight was nothing special , pizza on naan flat bread which was baked yesterday.    
You are beautiful .
I layer them in rows on a tray , freeze, then toss them in the fryer till golden. Cheese is definitely in the mix.
Terrific dishes Vic, we learned so much from this valuable thread. A well deserved win, congrats ! A thank you to FF for being such a great host
One thing I've learned with those types of tartes, you want it looking fanned but it needs to look rustic at the same time. Btw your pics are great. I have said this once and I'll say it again, I've always wanted to make bacon . It's not "if" but "when." There are quite a few here at CT that make it .
I think they are darling . My favorite filling is : salmon, mayo, keens and a grate of dill.
Great, that's what I use. You really should be showing us more of your food.....you've been hiding from us ...... Very nice pics !
Terrific looking food everyone.   @ Akeikas : Welcome to Cheftalk and thank you so much for posting your lovely salmon dish. We all look forward to more of your food !
Nice looking tarte Koko !   I read in one of your posts that you use the Ruhlman formula , is that what you did here ? 
@ luck farm : you can use straws or thin plastic dowel pins. Gretchen is a hoot, glad you like her videos . As for flavours , that's up to you . If you are putting a crumb coat , that would be a good idea. Then spread a thin coat of buttercream to even off your top and sides, making sure there are no air pockets. If you get an air pocket after the fact , simply take a pin, insert it gently in the air pocket then smooth out the fondant again. When rolling out your...
New Posts  All Forums: