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Maybe I am not using it the right way. But of all the salts in my pantry, that one is a challenge to work with.   I used it on salmon that one time and the only residual taste left on my tongue was.....how can I explain this ? Like a cigarette in wet astray ......
Ohhhhhh K-girl, you hit a soft spot. It all looks fantastic !   Good for you that you tried it. Was there anything on that board you would not eat again or did the flavors/ textures sit well on your palate ?
The texture looks perfect.
Welcome back K-girl, can't wait to see the pics.
FF: I have a bottle of smoked salt. I used it once, you are welcome to have it if you would like it. (bought a few months ago)
Fig and Pear on Puff       With a drizzle of honey & cinnamon.
Dry the fish season with kosher salt pan med-high oil skin off/bone side down 2-3 minutes till opaque 1/4 inch or more never move it when bottom edges turn golden all the way around, flip it ideally the thicker portions get more attention,     I like mine cooked different but this is the way I serve it here.
"NEW YORK, N.Y. - Sen. Al Franken is concerned about Apple's use of fingerprint recognition technology in its new iPhone 5S. The iPhone 5S, which went on sale Friday, includes a fingerprint sensor that lets users tap the phone's home button to unlock their phone, rather than enter a passcode. But Franken says that while a password can be kept a secret and changed if it's hacked, fingerprints are permanent and are left on everything a person touches. In a letter to Apple...
Chris , not too many folks I know make it and that sauce is a classic !
@ Pollo : those wings look great   @ Mise: now that sounds fantastic   @ Lucas, you always do a great job
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