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Nice pick cheflayne. Another one might be a burgundy sauce .
I never knew that, thanks for the explanation.
Could be FF. I was looking at the acidity in the recipe and I don't see a problem there as the apples, peas and abricots would counterbalance along with the apple juice.   Had to have used robust spices.     Jake, was this recipe taken from Braise: A Journey through International Cuisine ?
Then the quails shall be discussed no further (they will need time to fatten up anyways) .....i'm so bad.
Jake, I'm curious as to what spices were used ?
LOL   There are many recipe on the net. Make sure you pick one that uses applesauce as it keeps it very moist. (also nutritious)   If your child like nuts or raisins, dried abricots,  you can put those in too.   A good shake of cinnamon never hurt anyone.
A Generous soul you are but I fear something else may find its way on a table.....your quail !
What about zucchini and banana muffins ?
Great looking Kimchi GM. I wish I had some of that .   As for the     It's all yours !
yes they  oxidized, try washing them in some acidic water next time prior to roasting.
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