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haha...well I think the advice given out here is worth a lot.  So, hopefully the giveaways on Win It Cook It are worth it.  =) I could def use new kitchen utensils. 
haha, well I already entered. did anyone else? I just wanted to see if anyone heard of the brand.. but ur right. Free stuff is free stuff.
I was watching Rachel Ray's show and I like some of her cookware, but is it really that good? I've seen Rocco on her show and he's having a giveaway for some cookware from JB Prince. I love his recipes and I'm debating whether or not to enter, I can use some free cookware, but only want if it's good stuff. Anyone ever heard of JB Prince?? The contest is on his facebook page called "Win it! Cook it!"  
From far away it still looks better than this outfit of hers..
I know this is a bit late for Thanksgiving cooking but I found a really good instruction video for making a good gravy Making the perfect gravy Video I actually followed what she did and it came out really well..
I absolutely love Carmines. I think there are a couple in the city. It is family style dining so the portions are huge and sooo good!
I actually have had this before as an appetizer on some crackers. Veryyyy good
has anyone ever tried any of these recipes? I would be interested to see how vege cookies taste haha
I have actually had this from Panera and it really is pretty good
o0o0 sunflower oil-interesting suggestions. I might have to try it though because I do like the chewy cookies too :)
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