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thats Funny....that was before the bikini wax...if you know what I mean...LOL
thanks Pete....
Pete who attacked one here really knows me. so maybe they ought to think twice before questioning my work ethic....right?
Hey dave do not question my integrity or work ethic...I would'nt post it if it was against know what too many chefs share what doctors have the GOD complex, always right always in charge!!!. Thats why I post here so seldom .......Ego's run wild.......I never said to give where you work, when it was, what there adress is, what you talked about ect.. so give it a rest and about half of the people here need to pull the stick out of there ace..... 75% of Chefs...
whata cook for the C.I.A.....give me a break!!!
in the last couple of weeks I have cooked for Drew Bledso, Bo Jackson and Ken Griffy Jr......what famous people or sports stars have you cooked for lately????.... Name dropper thread
African mold spores and elephant dung
thanks for the sympothy .......I've been doing this along time and i know what it takes so I tought I would goto some guy or gals in the biz just to spout a little but come to find out there are alot of jerks around here....Merry Christmas to the non jerks and I wish the best for those having some tuff times right now...I'm out of here to many egos and jerks around this site
Our biggest grossing month of the year. So now I'm preparing for my 6th large party today (i consider those of over 100 a lagre party) not to mention regular diners.....Ho Ho Ho I want to go home will be this way up until Christmas eve....This is not fun....just thought I would bitch to you guys beacause I know many of you are in the same I know why alcoholizm is so high in our biz....
thank mezenplaze, I am the executive sous and those numbers sound about right to me. Really just looking for about $6000 more a year over a period of time....mostly because I've earned it and I also want my wife to be able to go to 3 days a week as she has many health issues. will see?
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