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Everything went very well.....just wish I would of thought of Whipped Caribou Parfait...LOL I did recieve an email today on how great the food was and how our members in attendance were proud of thier club....this group has been to several other clubs around and said this was the best so far, so mission's a link to the food pics   fryguy
there is no printed menu and yes it is pretty simple menu.....there playing golf, all guys, then coming in for apps and food....this is going to suit this type of event just fine.....
thats some funny sh**!!!!!!
I will be doing a VIP dinner for the president of our club and presidents of other area country clubs. These are some very big hitters in the portland area. The Executive chef is on vacation so this will be on me. I'm looking forward to showing them what I can do....   here's my menu   apps.   Prawn cocktail (u15's)    Assorted Brochetta      Caprese Skewers     Composed Ceasar Salad with Belgian Endive and Starburst Tomatoes (from my garden)   Seared...
maybe some kind of cake stand would work well for this ....same kind of idea
anyone catch that new Gordon Ramsey show???? Pretty good......that was the first time in a long time I felt like choppin' a shit load of onions....
it all depends.....if your looking for a line cook and see CIA, or maybee to a lesser extenet CCA, I would skip right over him, or her. Too much $ and ego. On the other hand if I see Western Culinary Institute I might take a look at them if they have some previous background.....I really like to see that they were in the biz a while, before attending school....just my opinion
Sometimes just being a cook you have no idea what the chef has to deal with. Budgets, employees, schedueling, vendors, customers, owners ect. ect. That being said some handle it better than others. And when the pressure is on is when you can see the good ones rise to the challenge. Myself I work better the busier it is......Oh, and if your in Oregon and need a job, look me up ....I like your attitude
here's some stuff I've been doing lately...thought you might want to take a look.....I've been trying to use alot of flowers and greenery from our golf course to make the buffets a little better   fryguy 
thanks Gunnar
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