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This is..... a good reality check and a critical information for me. I'm also up in the airs concerning salaries and living cost. It does look hard. And due to the working hours, part-time jobs or any additional income seems to be out of question too :| However, I see it's mostly focused on NYC. Would it be OOT if I asked in other big cities on US / Canada? Are the cost and the salary mostly similar?
hmm, these sounds so very yummy. I never tried these tho, could you give more suggestion for the vegs?
those all sounds yummy. :D
Wow, that sounds good! I'm happy for you :D For me, my newest sensation is...guess what? Mirin. Here due to some...ban or something (long story) finding Japanese and a bit of Korean ingredients have been difficult. And I always wanted to try mirin.. ...just a week ago I finally saw one. Of course I took it straight away. It's quite sweet, almost syrupy, and it seems to contain a little bit alcohol? but I like it, the taste is rather subtle but it still has the...
....uuuum, to people who live, or lived, or been in Japan, I need to ask pertaining your experience of living there for a while.. As part of my final paper in my local college I'm planning to do some research of Food takeouts in Japan, like the "pick a meat dish and two vegetables" kind of joint, not izakaya. Here I have these kind of foodcourts but they are mostly Chinese or local food so I can't find out more :| Based from..several manga I read, they also seem to exist...
o_O this guy has stress issues. I wonder how many orders he got a day? >_>; I mean, wouldn't people be happy? *mozzarella stocks aside*
I would say so.. :|
I...did a chocolate beef stew once. In a loose sense, curry is similar with a stew, am I wrong? I did use red chili to add some heat, some cinnamon to enhance the sweet taste of chocolate (and it seems to give more chocolate...taste...but it might be just me), and....well, given the ingredients, I might use paprika. It tasted pretty well but... well, there. :| Just giving a suggestion xO and I used a pretty cheap baking chocolate. I wonder what might happen if I used...
Here, my family likes to cook it as soup. Simple, just cut it into bitesize and boil it over chicken broth, served with spring onions. It should be washed extra clean for fear of overpowering stench, and boiled pretty long to make it chewy and soft. Unfortunately I have no idea as for how long D: (And the housemaid who cooked it left the house. ****.) I'd guess it's Chinese style since my household is one.
I haven't been in one yet, but me and my naivety just would like to offer some supportive words. be stronger. Let them know you -are- serious and more willing to learn, and do learn from your mistakes. At the very least, you got this forum to learn :D Your pride tells you not to quit, and it might be the right thing as long as you're willing to stay. No, fighting to stay. I did heard that people do this kind as some sort of initiation in the workplace, like "see if the...
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