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so how did it all work out and what did you do in the end?   The advice from Julie (shroomgirl) and Billy is sound.  It's important to think about steering clients towards viable options and designing menus that work for each particular venue.
when you scramble the eggs add some cream cheese - that keeps eggs soft and fluffy even when kept warm in cambro or chafer and also takes care of the discoloration   pproblem.  Don't remember the exact ratio but maybe 4 oz cream cheese per dozen . Whisk cream cheese into eggs as you scramble them over the heat.  The eggs will be creamy and delicious and off hand you cann't tell about the cheese.  Just tastes good and they hold up well.       Cut cream cheese...
Hello all - nice to see so many diverse people with similar interests - FOOD. Margcata - just a thought but how about posting a link to your blog in your signature line.  Would love to see what you are writing about and maybe in your blogs you can link some of your past magazine articles.   I too am a native New Yorker - have lived (+ traveled) in a few places around the world, such as London, Jerusalem, Bali, West Coast of America, am a boutique caterer and...
depends on what equipment you have and what else you need to transport hot and how much sauce.   We have used a variety of methods from  insulated thermal coffee pots to insulated thermal cambro units (think coffee cambro )   with the cambros particularly, the fuller the unit the longer it will stay hot. We've transported hot apple cider in thermal 5 gallon coffee cambros and wrapped the units with padded quilts (like the movers use) for extra protection. The...
so how do you keep it warm them?  
you can have an electric proofer cabinet built into a mobile kitchen.    There are many routes to go in mobile kitchens from having them professionally kitted to creating your own out of a box truck and \equipment.  Of course you really do need to work with your dept of health on this one otherwise you could be in for some nasty and costly surprises  and redoes once they do step in .
as Pete said the way to keep broccoli and stringbeans for that matter crisp and green is to steam or boil then shock with ice water to STOP the cooking process.  For that reason for drop offs/delivery orders I try to recommend a broccoli salad or a stringbean salad rather than a hot dish.  I do the same with fish items eg recommend room temperature grilled salmon so that it doesn't get funky.    
Just a thought but an old trick I learned years ago for holding and reheating a hollandaise sauce was to add sour cream to the mixture.  Wonder if that would work with the cream sauce ???
if you go to Lowes or Home Depot - look in the plumbing department and you can find ceramic drains that have slots that will fit the mini tacos - then create tiered displays   but I would worry about the tacos getting soggy if filled too far ahead and sitting on a table for a long time.  Just a thought.   Another option would be to have bowls of filling and the shells on the side with either the guests filling them themselves or an attendant filling to order...
a bit late to the party but here's a fabulous tomato chutney posted on egullet years ago by Suvir Saran   http://forums.egullet.org/index.php?/topic/9924-tomato-chutney/      
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