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 hey what ever happened with this gig?  Not sure why all these old posts are jumping or being bumped to the top of the heap without new posts, but at least theres some activiity - this forum needs some revving up - lots of good advise but not enough folks in the sandbox.  What can we do to change that?  any thoughts?
 PS budgets are getting tighter and tighter in this economic climate.  We have to give them food that is filling but not too expensive to buy and produce on a limited budget.I am in NYC and have been getting requests for weddings for $30 per guest including food, rentals and labor - the rentals and labor eat up about 20 -25 of the 30....  good luck to them..
 one way to deal with this is to write into your contract that you will be prepared to serve xx % over what is ordered with SIGNED approval from the client on the night (have a form made up ready to whip out) and then if you don't use it, it belongs to you, but if you do put it out with approval they have to pay additional.  Obviously depends on the item, but you could have some backup that can be frozen or used for another event (assuming proper handling/temperature etc)...
 scroll down a bit or cut and pastethere is a long thread started years ago about film catering.  http://www.cheftalk.com/forum/thread/12903/the-low-down-on-film-set-cateringbut would agree that you need a mobile kitdhenyou MAY be able to get them to pay for that rental but you may not. It's a tough biz but given the numbers and a strong contract  (so they don't wiggle out or change terms on you which they constantly do)you can make decent money on it for sure.
none what so ever, as I said, I too cut and pasted it and sent to some moron who posted on the NYC craigslist last year.
 Yeah, I am sure we could all use a good laugh with this crappy economy
 We had this discussion over at another catering forum last year.a bride  had emailed a similar requesthere's the funny responses that other caterers came up with"I would consider this if the bride wore our name on her wedding dress and the groom tattooed our logo on his forehead. The officiant and choir, before pronouncing them husband and wife, must also recite our new jingle. Our banners would be put up at the ceremony and reception, but must not be blocked by any...
Kevin is UptownKevin here on cheftalk and one **** of a sweet guy who is working his butt off building a new catering biz in Tampa.
Last year we spent 3 weeks in Central Louisiana with our good friends and caterers who were in the process of starting a new catering biz in a new area and needed help Here's the menu they served at a wedding reception (bride and groom were already married) Best catered events mardi gras themed pre wedding celebration Stuffed new potatoes Spinach and artichoke dip with crackers and chips Crawfish bread Jambalaya with chix and sausage Fiesta corn...
if you decide you don't want to do it, you could recommend us - we often cater events on the left coast - although our base is NYC - just got back from 7 weeks in Northern California - a combo of special events and contract catering. we often work for other caterers and friends out of NYC - the rate does depend on the event, the amount of time and work and how much we really want to do it. Travelling and working away from home has it's challenges but overall we've...
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