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 what i meant by quality issue is that we are trying to figure out the source of the problem,with docking being the last possible solution, as it solves a problem at the end of a long process (making the dough, proofing, rolling...)we are trying to solve the problem earlier in the process. it might have to come to docking, only if nothing else far as our process goes. we use dry instant yeast, we dont combine batches, we have our formula, and its translated into 3...
our restaurant has been around for 15 years now and they never docked before, we got a new oven last year and started to experience inconsistencies.we modified to dough recipe and production to eliminate as many problems as possible and yet leading up to the weekend there seem to be more large bubbles.we are trying to find the possible source of the problem, and not just a quick solution.
 hiI am the op's sous, and i thought i would chime in,we do use honey in our recipe, not sugar.our flour is all purpose. we tried cutting it with pastry flour, but found it way too cakie.docking is not really an option, for both time and quality reasons.our production system is both time and temperature consistent yet as the week progresses we seem to have more problems (Tuesday is great, Friday is awful)tuscan chef, can you elaborate more on the lactic bacteria's effects...
if you wnat to manage documnets in different formats, with tags ans such have a look at Calibre its an open source ebook managment software, but it can handle just about any file you throw at it, and exports to any file, and to any device, allows for tags and metadata.
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