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:( Oh wow! I've never thought of that kind of combo! Guess I'm gonna have to give it a whirl tomorrow and think about it... Then I can report back with other suggestions maybe. Wow!
Here is a recipe I developed for a cooking class series I did a year or two ago. It's pretty close to right. If your scallops are huge you might use three per order instead of four. I also sometimes tro in a few dashes of bitters to tweek it some. Thanks for your interest! Pan Seared Diver Scallops Braised in Sweet Butter w/ Sweet Recipe By : Gatewood Serving Size : 4 Preparation Time :0:10 Categories : Entrees ...
Are they harvesting sweet corn where you are? If so then a sweet corn butter sauce would be awesome. Ceviche is a nice aplication for scallops as well. or do a carpaccio. sliced thin and fanned out. Then simply dressed with lemon or lime juice, EVOO, sea salt and fresh pepper. Maybe a nice tomato relish on the side...
My vote goes for Pinot Noir. The earthy tones go well with the earthyness of the snails. Sebastiani Pinot Noir '03 would be great and not break the pocket book.
I like to add some maple syrup (real) to my squash bisques. What N said is true too about the salt and I also agree about the addition of cream to mellow.
Congratulations Mark! Cheers! :beer:
Booya! :beer: :beer: Congratulations!
Pete said it all there. Also the Arts Institute Schools of Culinary Arts are dandy! I was hired as Chef in a prestigious hotel restaurant upon graduation from culinary school. But this was because I had 17 years restaurant experience and 2 of them were as leadcook/sous at the very same restaurant while I was attending school. They apreciated my drive and passion. You have to have that if you are going to carry a 3.8 with 40 hours of school and 50 to 60 hours at a...
ya, I vote pineapple cream sauce.
What kind of sauce was it? My guess would be the salt pulls moisture from other ingredients, like the spinach mentioned, and that moisture delutes the salt components.
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