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Looks fine. 2 pork entrees send a red flag to my brain. But it's your wedding so you can do what you want. :D I like the use of the local smoke houses. You could do ceasar salads with the fresh shaved parmisano as a garnish instead of the mixed greens with other dressings. ;)
Remember, you won't start as a Chef. I'm only stating this because too many recently graduated students think they are going to be chefs right out of school. Besides a diploma, work experience is thouroughly expected before one can reach that title.
when you get out of school you will (probably) be employed as a cook. If you are good and lucky maybe a lead cook but most probably not a Chef or Sous Chef. Cooks wages range from $8/hour to $16/hour. And a must have book is culinary artistry by andrew dornenburg and karen page.
It sure does. And don't forget that Karen Page was co-author. ;)
Sweet link Phoebe! Thanks
Is there a link to it somewhere? Chicken farms, comercial ones, are infamous for there treatment of fowl. One more reason I don't go to fast food joints and only by local organic chicken.
Well, since I'm not on that list... ;) Seriously, I had a hard time deciding between Keller and Ducasse.
I meant to ask what road are you taking up there. I'm in Danby, a bit too far south from Essex Junction. But if you were traveling up route 7 and you timed it around dinner time I'd recomend you stop in for dinner. If you are traveling up 91 you may want to time it to arrive in Woodstock around dinner time and visit the The Jackson House Inn. He's doing some good stuff there these days.
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