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Have we met you? Do you live in Hebron? Stop by anytime when you are driving by the farm. If you see a car, Charlie is there for sure. And if I am there, I will be happy to even make a quick snack... do you have a farm too? very curious!
The person giving the negative review seems quite logically someone with a motive besides wanting to really review the book. Had they made the mac and cheese recipe, or even looked at it, they would not have made the statement they did. Clearly they have some axe to grind, or are an author that cannot wish well for another. Once anyone makes this mac and cheese, they will never make another recipe. And it is not about India, that recipe, but about spices and blooming...
For those of you that do not have Flash and cannot access my site, below is the address and phone number for Foods of India. Foods of India 121 Lexington Avenue New York City, NY Tel: (212) 683 4419 Proprietor: Arun Kumar Sinha http://www.suvir.com/foodsofindia.html
I use Foods Of India in NYC for buying spices. They have better quality than most any spice market I have seen around the world. They ship around the US. You can get their address by visiting my site at www.suvir.com You can click on spices to learn more about spices and also to get the information on Foods of India. If you have questions on any particular spice, feel free to come and post those in the Indian forum or cooking forum of www.eGullet.com
Pete, On the link I share, you can read a thread started by cape chef at eGullet. It will share more details about Indian cookbooks and cooking. http://forums.egullet.com/index.php?act=ST&f=40&t=8823& Hope it helps in some way. Have fun.
Madhurs food is just as authentic as that of Julie Sahni or most any other Indian cookbook author. Yamuna Devis food is Indian inspired and less authentic. But has its own appeal. Cape Chef is very kind in his praise. Thanks! If you have any questions on Indian cooking, I would also encourage you to participate in the Indian forum at www.eGullet.com The Indian forum already has a wealth of information that is really very rich and very diverse. You can also...
Have you tried the recipes above? What did you learn at the eGullet threads? If you have any more questions, do follow up at the Indian forum there. I would be happy to answer your querries or even send you recipes. Let me know how I can be of help. Glad to know you enjoyed the Indian forum at eGullet. There are many other forums just as interesting if not even more. PS: I never use Chana Masala but a friend recently prepared chana masala for me using the...
You are most welcome. And yes.... remember, garam masala must be used very sparingly. It can often ruin dishes, and only when used wisely and with care, can it show its magical wonders. I am amazed at how many good desserts are ruined in the US by the addition of too much spice. Just this morning I had one of the best pound cake with a caramel layer and a crunchy top. The topping had way too much cinnamon. I had to throw away the cake. Sad!
I was away in Dallas... Sorry for the lateness. Garam Masala does literally mean warming spices. It is used whole (in forms of seeds and stalks and dried leaves) in the begining of cooking or as a powder at the end. When it is used as a powder in the end, a very little amount is used. The reason is that as it cooks, the powder gets to be bitter. If you visit my website, you can learn more about spices and also get a recipe for garam...
Thanks everyone!
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