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I remember Patrick Swayze as Demi Moore's leading man in Ghost movie. He is a lost in movie industry. He still young and he can contribute more. It's really sad... :cry:
Why not? Uploading coupons is a great deal. I use coupons when shopping online. It saves my money and my time. Now a days we need to save more for future expenses. ;)
I love chicken adobo. Sometimes I mixed the chicken and the pork adobo. It really taste good. Be sure to put a lot of garlic. You have to try it!
Well, Actually I don't like to complain but remember that we don't complain how much it cost we just pay for it. So it's our right to have a decent food.
Have you heard banana crepe? It's really good! Just prepare a thin wrapper crepe made of pancake. You use that to wrap the banana together with whipped cream and chocolate syrup. Or simply sliced the banana and add three scoops of any flavor ice cream and put syrup on top! :bounce:
Actually, It's a biggest for my experience 90 to 100 guest. I remember I served soup, meat like chicken, mixed vegetables, fish, salad and fruit juice. At least within a budget, you can serve also lamb because some guest are allergic in chicken or seafood. I think five dishes are enough, it's just that you have to be creative. Good luck!
H! there, I'm newbie and I'm from Asia. I love cooking... I wanna learn new recipes and tips from other countries. I love cooking pasta and baking cookies. :chef:
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