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True, but what it really amounts to is how the knife feels in your hand. What is good for you may not be for me. It is nice to see so many choices now, because back in the day the wustof/henkels was about it and most of them were not really comfortable for my hands. Its good to see some good quality knives that come in all shapes and sizes. Cool video/infomercial, thanks for passing it along.
Any one have an opinion on Shun Kershaw knives? I've used a global G5 for 10 years now with a smile, I'm sure I will for another 10. Wustof are great, but I have not tried many of the newer brands to form an opinion at this point in time.
I do this, because food is the most amazing art form on the planet. So vast and incomparible. There is no better way to express your self. Plus I'm good at it.
If a degree is what your looking for maybe an over seas school is what your looking for. If a degree doesn't matter, I say travel and learn from the people that know what the food is really about.
I too, feel the same way as you. I am currently looking in to getting funding to do something a little out of the ordinary. I am going to seek out the best teachers in the world and go to them. What I've found so far is: Guiliano Bugiali's class in Florence (What more do I need to say about him?) Peggy Markel's Culinary Adventures, is doing trips to Morocco, Thailand and India that I am very interested in. Santa Fe School of Cooking New Orleans School of...
How's it going?
Yeah! Glad to hear it. Good Luck!
Panini and others there's places like and that you can put your pictures on the internet with, then you just have to link to them from your post. Peachcreek- NICE! How many people work with you?
Thanks! The menu is Italian/California. Mostly pastas and I try and do a little bit of everything to please the crowds. The other night we set the record for the most covers we have ever done: 368. Weds. night street faires in December called Victorian Christmas get CRAZY! Full dining room from open (5pm) to close (9pm)! Usually we do from 80 to 230 covers a night. Get the camera I want to see some shots. I got my camera for $120 a couple of years ago, but I just saw an...
All you rich big time chefs out there don't own a digital camera? C'mon!
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