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Really depends on the market, we buy ground meat from only one of two markets, others I wouldn't touch. We've ground meat at home but not recently as seems like too much effort if you have access to a good reliable market.
Had never heard of it so looked it up, no it won't hurt anything.
No not Italian, and now just use the tomatoes we grow to make marinara, and am in the 4 hour simmering fraternity. Also now make the marinara partly with our tomatoes I've either roasted and those made into confit. In addition, chopped onions, garlic, tomato paste, basil, oregano and red pepper flakes.
So how do you deal with the 'morons', oops I meant customers of course!...for instance the idiot who said the super well done lamb was overcooked. Do you replace the order with a 'smile', say no way, or what. Are we in the "customer is always right territory" or have things advanced to where so-called customers like that are told to bugger off and never come back.
Like and use all that are available for what dish they best suit. Because of my enjoyment of chilis en nogadas, if I had to choose one, it would be the poblano.
CREME Cocky roosters engender more eggs STALE
TROUT Try rosemary or use thyme CARVE
What the Food Network et al have discovered is the apparently permanent dumbing down of their TV audience and to appeal to the lowest common denominator translates to higher ratings...QED. So what we're left with is programing designed for an audience with the attention span of a may fly who are living proof that the baseline for IQ has gone south at least 10 points and it ain't gonna change anytime soon.
Drink only natural unadulterated tequila QUART
It takes an incident like that to bring home how fragile life is and how aware of our own mortality we should be. I had my 'incident' today as was with my very close friend when he was told he had one of the more aggressive forms of prostate cancer, and if it's spread to the lymph nodes, he's toast... Not much you can say after that, but don't want to end this on a downer, so will think positive and wish you all the best.
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