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**** lol it's ok i guess.
LOL that's cool! well thanks. you're lucky you already started. i still have to wake up early for high school :mad:
Ahh that alone makes me happy to hear. because i know this is what i wanted to do since i was in 8th grade but lately i've been worried if it's the right choice for me. i think it is. so i'm going for it :)
well, would you say you're having fun aside from the hectictness? lol
No Problem :) well i'm still in High School..yeah i'm a bit late lol I'm still trying to decide where i wanna go. The Art Institute of Atlanta or Le Cordon Blue. decisions decisions lol
Good luck with everything. I'll be doing the same in about a year :) btw what school are you going to?
Wow. i'm 18 years old, about to graduate from high school and i already started my path towards a culinary education. I'm currently doing ProStart and i'm so happy that i'm finally cooking. Ever since i was 15 i just knew this is what i wanted to do, but lately i've been having doubts and it's mainly because of the money issue. I agree with you...passion and emotion will not pay bills. i worry about that. i worry that i'll have to pay alot of money just to go to college...
Wow well thanks for clearing that out :) and yes my high school guidance department had been of some help. I live in GA and we actually went to Nationals and are #1 in the state (my Culinary Arts class).
Hello. My name is Missy and i'm 18 years old. I'm a senior at High School and ever since my 8th grade year i knew i loved cooking and wanted to become a chef. I'm currently taking an Intro to Culinary Arts class and i LOVE it. but lately i've been having doubts. is there anywhere in this forum where i can ask some chefs questions about their jobs? i think it would really help me out.
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