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I was taught to always season my greens as the first step to any salad. I personally like it, you don't need too much salt though.
We serve our (Blue cheese and spinach) souffle's with bitter greens garnished with pear vin, sliced asian pear, and toasted walnuts. It's nothing fancy but it does the trick.
My general rule is brown stock, brown mirepoix, light stock, light mirepoix. I usually just roast my veg for any dark stock, and sweat my veg for light stock. Eg. Roasted mirepoix for dark chicken stock, light mirepoix for my usual chicken stock.
I've never seen kitchen booze locked up. Everything but the cheap liquor gets locked up front of house, but there's always red and white wine on hand in the walk in, and bottles of brandy and port next to the sauce station.
My regular shift is 14 hours a day, it's almost all I've ever known.
Checks, black clogs, white coat, blue apron.
3L bucket full of hot soapy. Steel wool scrubby. Slather the kitchen with the hot soapy, scrub like mad, wet towels to wipe, just wring em out on the floor, dry towel to polish.
I own two Mac knives and one Misono knife. I would recommend them both, in a heartbeat.
I just can't see a salamander being useful at home, at least, not for me. In my restaurant we primarily use the sally for one of three things: -To toast toast, which it does a great job of, as long as you keep your eye on it constantly. -To flash soup bowls or other plates that got missed on a plate call, and need to be 'RED HOT, RIGHT NOW' -To flash the majority of our hot plates before they leave the kitchen, just 8 seconds under or 'until the protein is painfully hot...
Position: Garde Manger Location: Toronto Shift: 11am - 1pm In the off season (winter), we work 5 days a week, with Tuesday and Wednesday off. During the summertime we worked 6 days a week, with only Monday off. Winter: 70 hr/week Summer: 84 hr/week
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