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I actually have one worse than that I was brought my check and asked how everything was before I got my food, or a refill on my coffee now that I think back. However, thats what you get at IHOP at 4am when you've been out drinking I guess. Not to one up you, but I haven't ever heard of that other than the night it happened to me.
Well, here's my situation: I am attending the Midwest Culinary Institute, and I have a project, for which I need to interview a chef. Basically what I'm doing is I have a survey of hospitality careers class, and for it we have to do a project about the career we are planning going into to make sure its what we really want to do. So I need to find a chef who would be willing to answer a ten question interview for said project. It is imperative that I do this, because its...
Hi everybody. I'm Brad and I've just started culinary school at the Midwest Culinary Institute. I'm here to meet other culinary folk, and network a bit.
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