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Instead of soaking in cold water soak in an equal amount of boiling water(add some evoo if you want). Wrap immediately in plastic wrap and let sit. Uncover and fluff. We like to add pomegranate seeds and sometimes pomegranate molassass. A variation I like takes the pesto route. Make a runny pesto with blanched parsley and basil, pesto, garlic, EVOO and lots of lemon juice and mix into the taboullah. Fresh pomegranate seeds add a lot. Also you can make a cool...
Back home(is israel) it grows wild. We usually use the yemeni name for it - "H'eelbeh". They make a paste out of it and eat it with everything. No body else seems to like it do. You have to watch out about eating too much. One of the oils doesn't get metabolize and comes out when you prespire. You'll stink(some like that smell, i don't)!
I'm theorizing but it seems mario is giving a tradional recipe. Maybe it's pre-refrigeration. The boiling was done when the calamari came fresh to preserve it. Still see no reason to do this today. Personally I would never boil calamari but cook it at 160ºf for less shrinkage and loss of flavor. Comes out tenderer too.
The rub is I'm looking for under the table work. I should be eligible for UC in January. I'm not looking to milk that, but I'm hoping to get a new restaurant off the ground and UC's imperative for that. Chains are usually by the books, I gather.
Another interesting question would be why foie gras exist? Why do ducks and geese grow such big fatty livers(hint - they're migratory birds). There's the naturalistic take on it without the human aspect.
I left everything to go to Israel during the "stormy period". Now I have a bit of a tough time returning. I'm looking for a good projects or a chef position but I'm willing to take my time with that. What I need right now is part time/short term work. Preferably cash. I can't seem to be getting that right now. Who knows, maybe other chefs don't want a peer working as muscle. I don't know. My Unemployment was declined based on a few dollars(I needed to make fifty...
yep. That would help with the sand
Dry out the skin before cooking. You can blot it out with a towel. Also you can run the back of your knife across to skin to extract moisture. Some people like to lightly dredge the skin in flour. After initial frying in oil, I like to add a knob of butter. Let it melt under the salmon and turn it over. Keep basting the salmon skin(now on top) with the hot butter-oil mix. That would help brown it more. And lastly, don't forget to shake the pan a little bit after...
Stand corrected. I'll down grade y'all on my list to numbs. How bout that?
I second the first reply. Also. I prefer washing them in cornstarch water(any pure starch will do). Just blend the starch in COLD water. soak the scallops in that for a few minutes and strain, rinse, strain, rinse, strain. Dry in paper towels.
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