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Hello Since I haven't made many ice-cream am not sure if the folowing is normal or not: I have a musso pola commercial ice cream machine which has a built in freezer and it seems to be working fine; however once the mixture freezes the blades stop churning. Is this normal? At the same time what I noticed is that only the bottom is completely frozen while the top is much softer and sometimes even liquidy. I would think that it should freeze evenly. Does anyone have any...
Since I am based in India i do not have the same voltage system as most of you do in the US. We are on 220V system here so if someone from any other part of the world can recommend some good companies & models it would be much appreciated. I think the Kitchen Aid has the Artisan series in UK but this is not going to be good enough and it is also much more expensive there. Does anybody have experience with using a transformer to run 110V appliances in other countries?
Couple of places that i have interned at, i understand that some cooks probably take home about 2-2.5 after taxes etc but i will double check on this. Staying in the city is not an option on this salary.
JoJoBaltimore The restaurant i interned at the line cooks make about 2500/month (take home) working 9-10 hour shifts . This i got from one guy who works there. This is one of the Batalli restaurants. Hope that helps
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