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That's how I found it to be.
I've eaten all of that except for dog.  From what I understand, it's greasy so I probably wouldn't like it on that merit.  The cat was a predatory wild cat of some sort while on a mission trip when I was younger.  Monkey is horrid, far too gamey and stringy.  Durian, if you can get past the rotten meat smell, tastes like strong vanilla custard.  The trick, either grow up eating it so you are used to it or eat it with the flu.  Maggot cheese, it tastes like Peccorino that...
 I would love a copy in PDF or Word.  That sounds like a really good read.Kylerwarren@gmail.com
Red Seal be darned(working on my bad case of kitchen mouth.)  Some of the best Chefs I've ever worked with never even thought of taking the ACF exams.  This is, after all, a hands on business.
I'd say the munching part.  You let it cool a little and firm up on wither a baker's rack or a towel to drain.  then you dip and put it back onto the rack to let the chocolate crisp.  I had to sneak it in on the last person I made it for.  They said, and I quote, "Holy crap this is good.  Is that bacon?  Holy crap, I never would have thought of that."Quote:See.  Everything.  
One could also make a mince of the brisket and do shepherds pie.
 If I have to nail down a single ingredient, I'm going with bacon.  It makes everything good and , unlike onions, it even makes a good dessert.  If you don't believe me, go into your pantry and get down the dark chocolate.  1: Fry some bacon crisp2: Melt your chocolate, double boiler or microwave, doesn't matter.  3: Dip the bacon in the chocolate and let it harden.  4: Consume.5: Report back if you don't enjoy.I expect silence form all who actually try this.
Catfish comes to mind.  Farm raised, they are quite cheap and sustainable.  Just remember to buy them under 2 lbs if you are buying whole and under 3/4 lb per side if buying fillets.  Buttermilk, rice flour, and corn meal.  Black pepper and kosher salt before the dredge.  Fry, good stuff.Hot dogs?  Really, just kidding about that.  You could find a butcher or packing house who sells to restaurants and ask for the chain from the beef tenderloin.  I've bought these for less...
Because, if you are convinced that you know something, and you are wrong, you will never learn how to do it right.  On the reverse, if someone shows you how to do something, and that's how you would have done it, then keep doing it that way.  For example, when I first started out, I was wasting a lot of time prepping things like celery.  I would cut the whole bunch and pick out the yellow bits from the heart afterward.  I thought it would be faster.  The someone told me to...
That's the five minutes in between ticket 140 and 141(round about) when you have time to drop a piece of chicken that was butchered wrong, and therefore is waste, and eat it, burning your fingers playing the "toss it from hand to hand because that oil is silly hot but I'm i a hurry" game.It's very similar to a smoke break.  You know.  Taking out the garbage or carrying out the grease bucket.All joking aside, this business, BOH or FOH, takes dedication and passion.  There's...
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