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I am also glad that good dough takes at least 12 hours to cold proof.  I would need a crane to leave the house otherwise.
 My two favorites are a Vietnamese fish soup(can't even begin to spell the name) and the simple Tomato Basil.The first gets your favorite firm, white fish, ginger, rice, thai chiles, scallions, and coconut milk.The second gets tomatoes, salt, pepper, and a basil chiffonade to finish.  Puree or leave chunky depending on the presentation that you want.  Its simplicity is its shining beauty.  When executed well, it is truly amazing.
I have to agree with you about the chicken thing.  165 and leave it for a few more seconds to be sure.  As for the beef, it could be a chuck eye.  There's less connective tissue than a 7 bone and it can be grilled over a low flame.  It actually makes a great sandwich cooked medium and sliced thin.
 Raw and fresh is the way to go with any dish.  People will wait a few extra minutes if the wings are good enough.  Also, they may buy a few more brews while waiting.
First off, I like the hockey analogy.  Taking the discussion to another point of reference takes some of the emotion out of it and focuses on the logic behind the point being made.I also must agree that culinary schools create Chefs no more than accounting schools create CFOs.  You have to put in the work to get the title, respect, and pay grade.
 If I were anywhere near Ontario, I gladly help by replacing the guy.  You really have had a run of horrible luck with employees.  The best thing to do really is to sit him down and have a talk.  Be clear and concise.  If he doesn't like the mandates, be done with him.  On a side note, why is the manager scared of this guy?
Maybe Durian?
But how will I ever cut my own potato chips?
There's a huge amount of money to be made selling fresh sandwich rolls to other restaurants.  There's also good cash flow in agreements with local coffee houses.  Your pastries in their cases, with your logo stands of course.  They get cost plus a small margin and you get paid to advertise. 
Nobody wants to see that.  I promise.  You're close but it's more of a chiffonade.It may well be an emerging tradition.  I hope it doesn't stick.  I got it to stop bleeding with paper towels and a roll of sport's tape that I keep in my roll for just such an occasion.  Tape it tight enough that you loose all feeling and check on it in about 20 minutes.
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