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 Okay.  I've cut, burned, and nearly deep fried myself several times in my career, it's just part of the job, but yesterday I was helping a friend out with a catering because her prep guy skipped out on her and she needed someone who could break down shellfish by the case without needing a babysitter.Anyway, I call to the dishwasher for an oyster knife(the handle came off of mine) and he's nowhere to be found.  Later I found out he was having a smoke, no big deal, the man...
 I'm going to sign on with the incentive program.  When you make someone's wage depend partly on their portion of the business's success, you end up with better products, better profits, and an all around better employee.Slightly lower hourly, on the books, with 10% stake from current numbers to 20K/wk and 11% from 21K+/wk and you will see a pastry chef become a bake shop manager in about a week.  The key is, in part, to tie it to profits with benchmark numbers.
 Put an ad up on craigslist, to start.  Get a big bag of apples(cheap and fibrous enough to really carve up) and have them audition.
 You know what the answer is?  Anchovies.  In everything. :)
 Pans, filters, and fan covers(if your system has them) go into the dish sink nightly.  The rest gets scrub weekly and a pro comes in every three months.
You're in the clear.  Legislation is public access.
Duck fat is something to get excited about indeed.  As for the higher end places in Charlotte, skip them.  There are way too many great places that won't leave you with an empty wallet.  My recommendation is to find a Greek or Thai restaurant.  There are lots of great ones in this city. 
There is though.  Duck fat wins by a slim margin.As for the technique, it's spot on.  I also need to add that you seem to think like a chef.  You made do with what was at hand and pulled it off well.
 My fondest childhood memory was really a dish more than a moment.  It's a Yellow Squash Casserole that my mother makes.  She still won't tell me what the secret is.  I've been eating it about twice a month for almost my whole life and I still can't figure it out.  I know the ingredients.  It's squash, spanish onion, butter, cheddar, cream, eggs, bacon, salt, white pepper, and just a heavy pinch of cumin.  I know the technique.  Make a custard, spice that with the salt,...
Even better would be for all of the Execs in the city to come together and throw this guy a catered party.  No salt allowed in anything.  Everyone there will soon realize the error of their ways and go after certain international chains.  Another point to people who seem to think that what most would consider good to be evil(and yes, I know I'm preaching to the choir here.)  I lost about 30 pounds a few ears ago eating things fried in duck fat, wrapped in bacon, and...
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