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It's probably needled and then MA packaged.  a lot of meat producers do that.
I only charge hourly for therapy sessions.
I'll give a watch, because timing is needed for some dishes, and a wedding ring, as long as it has no stones to fall out.
I'm not fond of that look either.  I don't even like for women to wear ear rings in my kitchen.  I've had a young lady lose one into a pot of stock before and it just didn't seem sanitary to me since then.
 For table nuts, try something that my mother used to make when we had guests. Cashews, Peanuts, Almonds, Chestnuts, and Chex(it's a rice cereal if that particular brand isn't available in Norway.)Toss that all in just enough worchestershire sauce and garlic powder to coat and roast.  It goes very well with drinks or by itself as a snack.  Plus it's simple and easy enough that you could have a server help you if your staff is in the weeds one night.
I would have.
 Tonight will be lime and paprika marinated pork chops.  Corn starch, then egg wash(made with light cream rather than water), the panko, and fried in cottonseed oil.  Sides, baked macaroni and cheese, potato/parsnip puree, and grits(hominy polenta, for those not from the American South).The leftover grits will rest in the fridge overnight and meet their good friends onion, garlic, white pepper, butter, and shrimp.  The real breakfast of champions.
 I'm on board with Pembroke, but I would switch the order.  Start out looking at areas of your skills that need improvement then move onto the areas that are great.  It will help you to improve without leaving you down all day.
That they do.  Good to hear it survived.  So many good places went away after Katrina.  Little hole-in-the-wall joints that made superb food mostly.
I've got a no-name cleaver that I picked up at a charity shop for $1.  It goes with me everywhere.  It's everything a cleaver needs to be.  Sharp(enough), heavy, and big.
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