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Egg whites, Heavy cream, White chocolate powder, whip like mad until it peaks. That would be a nice white mousse. Otherwise, add it to a very dark cocoa powder 50/50 and make a super cocoa buttery hot chocolate.
What sort of dry spices is the butcher using when mixing the sausage? I ask because I've had sage sausage, which cooks almost grey normally, with paprika added turn out a sort of pinkish color when cooked.
Or just use a wooden mill and rest it inside of a bowl when grinding.
In my roll right now ready to go: 8" Chef 3" Pairing 3.5" Pairing 7" Filet 6" Boning Cleaver Meat Thermometer Mincing blade 12" Bread knife If the kitchen didn't have any: Silicone Spatula Oak spoons Sauce ladle Whisks in various sizes Basting mop and silicone sauce brush Hopefully they have pots pans and measuring cups.:chef:
I do the same thing. I only use a carving set for table-side services and at family dinners. In the kitchen, I just use a large table fork or a set of tongs, depending on what I'm carving.
Chromium Oxide is a polishing compound used by machinists and, until recently, barbers. Rubbed into linen, it is the final step in a very long process for sharpening a straight razor and is useless on any blade that may come into contact with anything hard(bone, counters, butcher's blocks, etc.) because, to be useful, it requires such a steep bevel that the edge is very fragile. The frustrations of sharpening are the main reason that I have two working sets and pay a...
I suppose II should start by introducing myself. My name is Ray and I've been cooking professionally since I was in High School. I knew i wanted to be a Chef from an early age but couldn't afford Culinary school so I had the most brutal teacher, mistakes and on the job experience. My first job was washing dishes in an 80 seat Italian restaurant and the Head Chef took me under his wing shortly thereafter. I worked under him for a few years until the restaurant...
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