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the one I used to go to was a co-op.  That may have been the difference there.  
Thank you.  It would have been Coq au Vin, my favorite of the cuisine de la bonne femme, but rooster is so hard to find around here and I'm fresh out of mushrooms and pearl onions.
 I've got thyme, rosemary, sage, and mirepoix braised chicken thighs going right now.  It smells so good in my house right now.
A plastic to-go sauce cup full of garlic oil works really well.  You fill it about half way and wrap it in cling film.  Then you jam their straw through the plastic.  It's really horrible tasting and the reason that I bring clear cups in from the grocery store for my beverages.
But your location says Australia, not America.
When the bits are in the fresh dough, the remaining proteins from the cooked bread can turn to gluten and then you've got chewy bread.  The trick, it turns out, is to work the fresh dough all most all the way and then work in the soakers and finish kneading as usual.
I've done this before with honey oat bread and the oat and honey flavors really come out. Careful though, if you overwork it, the dough gets beyond chewy. My first attempt at this came out like a dish sponge.
All good books.
I should have stated that my in country Italian work experience is limited to Torino, with many of the customers being from France and Monaco. The French patrons may have had something to do with the coffee. As for the soup, I forgot to put that bit in. I am totally on board with the caffe e latte. I also like to prepare it like my Dominican friends, a little coffee in some sugar and beat that with a spoon until it foams a little. Then spoon that into the coffee to...
Ed, you are wrong on one count. There are some of us for whom a visit to a slaughter house is no dissuasion. I used to buy whole sides at one and have them broken down by a butcher into primals.
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