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Let me set off by saying that, if you want good ingredients for Italian, you are in the second best country in the world to find superb ingredients. Italy would be first but most of the better quality Garlic, Onions, Peppers, Chiles, Tomatoes, and Herbs sold in mass markets in the US are grown in Mexico. Pork is also, from my understanding of Mexican cuisine, central to both Italian and Mexican styles of cooking. Head to the farmer's markets around town and I would all...
For almost anything else, you'd be right. BSE, if I recall properly, can be a risk from meat that contacts bone as well. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
Coca Cola and Dr. Pepper are classic braises for Southern pork illuminati. Short loin ribs, Dr. Pepper, Cumin, and a little Cayenne makes for an outstanding plate of porcine goodness. The heat and sweetness cuts the fat nicely.
Something along the lines of, "Saute these shrimp but, dear god, don't let them go pink."
Pulled this one on someone who asked me what a dough blade was for. It's for chopping dough ingredients, obviously. Could you handle that for me?
Good trick for brown bananas: Peel and freeze, as you have already done, and use them for banana custard, ice cream, or pudding. When they freeze and thaw, they get all mushy, making them ideal candidates for mashing into deserts.
If people want tuna cooked well, it has to be cooked twice. Once to medium(on the rare side) and then sliced fairly thin and braised or steamed. It's not great, but it keeps it from going dish sponge dry.
Tuna for me is best cooked very hot, like wok hot, and very briefly. Just enough to firm the outside, slice on the bias, and onto a bed of tender greens. That, or what I had for lunch. Fatty Tuna, Salmon Roe, Rice, and Nori. Any Sushi aficionados here know what this concoction would be called? I get it all the time and I hate having to describe it to the waitress because I don't know the name.
Thanks for the thorough response. I'll certainly have to look into those two.
I've got this one on its way to replace one that I built about 10 years ago that finally died. How do you like the electric stack? I've seen them and never really never really had the opportunity to use one.
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