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There's your problem right there. With little or no culinary experience, you need to show up. Just walk in the front door, resume in hand, and talk to the chef. Go when nobody is in the dining room, or you'll come across as completely clueless. Face to face, to me at least, shows real desire and drive. If he doesn't say yes and doesn't say sod off, keep after it. Don't be a pest but be persistent. Good luck.
I was about to mention smoked salt. I'm fond of the black Norwegian smoked salts.
No, but it might taste the same.:smoking:
Almost filleted my fingerprints off doing that once. I can't imagine trying to do it on my pants.
Margarine is a butter substitute(ish) made from vegetable oil solids. It doesn't taste right but it does have its place in baking. It melts differently and is an okay substitute for shortening, as I understand it.
I've gotten 3 coffee grinders, that serve as spice grinders, and a cream steamer, for cappuccino, from thrift/charity stores. Grand total... $4.50.
I've got three rules: 1: Don't burn the garlic and if you do, throw it out and start over. 2: Don't look at a flambe from above. 3: Drink the wine, not the vinegar. The rest is all up to taste and my mood.
Sit him in the corner, in an uncomfortable bamboo chair, by himself. He's already self alienating by refusing to sit next to anyone eating meat.
My thoughts exactly. On another topic all together: I just got an email asking for a reference for a former Commis of mine asking if I thought he could handle the stress of a Sous Chef position in a major hotel. I'm beside myself with pride in the young man.
lunch tomorrow.:smoking:
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