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That's sort of like, "I'm a vegetarian. I only eat fish." No, you're just picky. Shut up and order the roasted salmon before you say something else that's stupid. I really used to hear that a lot.
The best call out I ever got was, "Going to be late. Chicken got loose. Tell you later. Bye." Turns out the guy bought a chicken at the farmer's market and, when asked if he wanted it slaughtered and cleaned, he declined, thinking that the guy meant or just slaughtered and you clean it. Gets home, opens the box, surprise! Live chicken in the kitchen. That would have been hilarious to see.
I hope you response was something like, good thing I'm too busy to fire anyone right now.
Would that be the Coffee Pot? Great place. Is it gone? I didn't look the last time I was down. If so, that's really sad.
When you want something cooked with fire and smoke, there's no other way.
I could go on for days about servers and their idiotic questions. In the top ten is one who asked, after serving a sesame crusted, torch charred yellow fin steak about 300 times in one week, "Why is this one raw in the middle?" The answer from our poissonier was, "Because it's 4 inches thick and seared with a torch just long enough to toast the sesame, you moron." It was even on the menu with a big red "Served Extra Raw" next to it. Another was, again from a server,...
I could see how pounding may be part of the evolution of a dish. I can also see that the vinaigrette may also be of more modern leanings. All I was saying about the pounding and saucing is that, if you order _____ Carpaccio in a restaurant today, you will get hammer flattened meat, vinaigrette, and, most likely, a simple green salad beneath.
That's a solid meal you've made there. Today for lunch, I braved the icy sheet that is my front yard and fired up the grill. Grilled ox tail, bone in, and apricots. The wife made a watercress and peach salad.
What sort of ham? You can't go mentioning pork and not give up the details of its awesomeness.
Here's from the English to English dictionary.:smiles: carpaccio–noun an appetizer of thinly sliced raw beef served with a vinaigrette or other piquant sauce.
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