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chef ed, thats funny how the rabbis trusted you more than their own jewish guys.:Dlol.
this really does help. it has been verry educational these last few days. but i think any one would agree, traveling is the best way to learn about kitchen, and the cullinary art in a whole entire subject. i have yet so much to see. thank you for your time.:)(feel good).
What is LYE?
hey chef ed. ill try not to forget about the wood fire ovens. ill think about it for my bagel house. thanks
i guess i was misguided. i saw it in youtube. sorry about that.
i would say i need to travel across america and more. And not just to learn about bagels, so that i have that experience to talk about. ofcourse adding bagels to that experience would be great, something i could add to my bagel house some day.;)
AS far as kosher, i believe its a jewish tradition. there is many recipies and that they use for their sabbath and they call them kosher. please dont quote me, but i think that is what kosher means.
Im still getting the hang of this forums, but thank you. i want to make alot of friends here. have a nice day:) its beer thirty somewhere:beer:
now i can live up to my name. i hope to one day have my bagel house. i have made some at home with some active dry yeast and that makes a slight diffrence, but thats for a kosher bagel. and i hope to one day make the best **** bagel ever.
thank you san diego is nice but i must leave for oklahoma. must work and i must get to know other places. given the opportunity i will leave. :bounce: but i will stay in touch. glad to see that there is a such a place like this in the internet.
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