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My sister serves Illy coffee in her place,Not a big fan of Coffe myself but I must say it is pretty nice,and so say the customers also
Maybe not the best,But very comfy and good grip on Dennys chef sandal DK04
Crocs :suprise: Not for me im affraid.Denny's clogs Ive seen and had a few slips and close calls in the kitchen :(
Hi thanks for the welcome,If your ever up this way you know where to come :) Ive had a look around some very intresting threads hope I can contribute :talk:
Hi there great forum just thought I'd have a look around looks great. Anyway Im Stuart 24,Living and working in the outer Hebrides (Yes yes edge of the world :suprise:) Ive been in the trade on and off now since I was 15 working with my Brother in-law who opened his restaurant 18 months ago In the Isle of Lewis and done very well making last 8 Restaurant of the year Scotland and eat Scotland silver award not too much but a start onto bigger better ventures,Due to open...
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