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the united states of arugula is a fun read
great idea, I'll definitely have to try this! But does charcoal get to the crazy heat that wok burners produce? Or even a turkey fryer? I'm sure it works, but I somewhat doubt you can get the intense heat that "real" wok cooking requires?
I think I'll have to pick up a good vegetarian book next time I have a coupon. I have tons of meat books, one lonely vegetarian from the bargain shelves. I use less meat than in the past as I want the kids to eat "the other stuff" too and they love curry, which always makes a delicious vegetarian dish, but I want to expand. I'll look at the author mentioned, thanks. While I'll never go vegan, a veggie dish with some nice cheese or eggs can be quite good.
Interesting. I'd not be very happy were I to walk in on a meatless day though I'd be curious to see what he offers on those days. I hardly ever cook meatless, unless it's pasta with tomato sauce. Would not mind doing more, but I'm not a big fan of "mush", and find most vegetarian things to resemble a side with the meat missing. But with all the fantastic stuff at the farmer's market now, maybe I'll dig out the one vegetarian book I have and take a look. It's not that I...
Sur La Table as a walk in store, always excellent selectionWilliams Sonoma with some reservation, they stock too many $2000 coffee makers and such and not enough in real world tools. Crate & Barrel with even more reservations, but some of their small item binds have interesting things stockedFarmer's Market - any one, anywhere actually.Whole Food for excellent quality food and also some gadgets here and thereSafeway for every day shopping, quality is always pretty...
definitely on the rack if it's more than just a handful and if it's for more than just a couple minutes. The rack then goes in the dish washer. I might sometimes blot with paper towel too, if I suspect that oil on top of the food won't drip down but just puddle or soak in.
I haven't used mine in a long time, but just recently thought about it. I might add a drop or two to some beans if I don't want to put a ham or bacon in there (or don't have any). It's a pretty safe product IMO, just smoke and water. Not something I'd drink by the glass, but it's so strong, you hardly need any and it does give authentic taste. And I could imagine some fun practical jokes aside of the fire house vents :-)
My favorite way to bbq pork belly is to slice it relatively thin, less than one centimeter, marinate or rub and then put on the bbq over indirect heat until the skin gets all crispy and crunchy. You can buy it ready to throw on the grill like this in Bavaria and we always have that with some other meats when ever I'm back in Germany and the weather is good enough for the grill. Cruncy skin, melting fat, and delicious meat in between, can't go wrong :-)
what said above about sweet onions is true, they usually tend to have less sugar than your regular yellow onion. They really should only be used raw IMO, thinly sliced on salads, sandwiches, etc. as they don't have the agressive bite, but you tend to get the best result with regular onions. Nice and slow, stove top or in the oven. Make lots and freeze it :-)
garlic peelers and spoon rests.
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